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AWE 2004 Barolo
Thursday May 2 2008


#88 Damiliano Cannubi –  80 pts
Fudgy, oaky, funghi, candied 1
Soft and dead in the mouth without energy 1
Some nice if modest dark berry fruit on the palate 2
Fineshes drying and short 1

#89 Damilano Liste – 88pts
Nice earthy, sottobosco, cherry in alcohol, touch of unobtrusive new wood, liquory fruit, touch hot 2+
Round and expansive in the mouth very very soft  tannins 2+
Lowish intensity flavors of bitter cherry with typical notes of menthol and sweet licorice 2
Drying on the finish with a nice bitter melon tone offer a nice contrast to the pure fruit 2+

#90 Bric Cenciurio Costa di Rosa – 87pts
A deep mineral nose with a touch of dried orange peel, rose petals, and cherry in alcohol 2+
Very soft in the mouth, caressing yet lacks a bit of grab 2
Really nice flavor intensity, dark and earthy, layered dark cherry, slight espresso/roasted oak note. Roasted herb tones 2+
Menthol and tobacco on the finish which is a touch short 2
#91 – Gianni Gagliardo Cannubi  - 90 pts
cool notes of white flowers and icy mint on the nose with pinecone/ strong balsamic, a touch mossy and with a bit of dusty quartzy notes 3+
Cool and elegant in the mouth with a reserved, balanced feel 2+
Richly flavored with sour cherry fruit and a hint of dried lemon peel, complicating notes of tea and a hint of black olive 2+
A bit woody on the finish with some raw wood tones intruding, short 2

#92 – Cascina Adelaide Cannubi – 85
old salame, dirty, coal, olive brine, painful to smell, cleans up a bit over these few minutes but I can only hope this gets better, complex at least 2+
soft and round in the mouth feeling a bit stripped 1
coffee and tea notes in the mouth, mineral, slight baked fruit note, roasted edge, solid core of taut fruit 2
finishes clumsily 2

#93 – Michele Chiarlo Cannubi – 78 pts
Fudgy, nutty oak, nut brittle, sweet on the nose 1
Full of glycerine in the mouth yet soft and uninteresting 1
Light cherry and menthol notes in the mouth 1
Short and uninteresting finish 1

#94 Francesco Rinaldi Canubbio -  89
subtle nose with notes of dried fruit, dried citrus rind, sweet and slightly candied with a savory plantain chip note, thyme and ripening orchard fruits 3
fresh and elegant in the mouth, well balanced and almost delicate 2+
melon rind and light green herbs on the nose, sandy, dried thyme and wild cherry 3
menthol and very tight on the finish short 1

#95 – Cav. Enico Bergadano Sarmassa – 88pts
nutty and smoky on the nose with deep, intense notes of drying fruit, slightly foxy, very aromatic with candied violet notes, a freisa like tone 3
Sweetly fruited in the mouth with good acids and ripe tannins 2
Flavors are a bit dull with nice notes of amarena cherry, watermelon, mineral, cherry pit, some spices from mid-palate to finish 2
Finishes with a spicy flourish and iron rich greens 2

#96 - G.B. Burlotto Vigneto Cannubi -  92pts
prosciutto, subtle, sandy almost salty notes of sea-air, macerated flowers, touch menthol and prune 3
light on the palate, cool and crisp, very elegant and refreshing with wonderful balance 3
dark fruit, almost olivy, briney, very tight dark berry notes, touch of tobacco 2+
light roasting coffee top note on the long, fairly tannic finish though the tannins are ripe 2+

#97  Marchese Barolo Cannubi – 87pts
sweet licorice on the nose with some tootsie roll, a touch reticent, a bit of bologna on white bread /toasty2
big in the mouth with tough tannins, a bit extracted 2
dark mineral notes in the mouth with slightly bitter/toasty notes, some spicy funghi nuances, slighty earthy decay, good cut and freshness on the midpalate 2+
a very floral finish with biter cherry notes gets cut a bit short though has a sneaky return 2

#98 -Marchese di Barolo Sarmassa – 88pts
sweetly fruited nose is intense with good purity, lovely and fresh with a low key herbal note, I like this 3
a touch soft in the mouth still reasonably well balanced though just a touch ponderous 2
dark tea flavors up front then followed by earthy, bitter cherry tones joined by some sweet coffee cream notes 2
finishes a bit drying with extracted tannins, slightly clumsy but with an appealing wild raspberry finale 2

#99 - G Scarzello – 93 pts
Balsamic and layered on the nose with medicinal tones, cherry fruit, a touch antiseptic, chalky, hightoned, lightly meaty, with hints, of menthol, nettles, and angelica root, great complex nose 4
A bit languid in the mouth, soft but with good tannins 2
Leathery and wild flower camomille edges in the mouth with pressed flowers, prosciutto, a touch of green olive, rustic but eminently appealing 3
Very floral on the finish, high toned and perfumed with subtle tones but very long, precise focus, 3

#100 – G Scarzello Vigna Merenda -  90pts
a touch of dirty barrel on the nose at first and a hint of oxidation but also very mineral with soapy, citrusy floral tones, citron notes, freshens up adding amarena cherry notes 3+
very smooth and well integrated in the mouth with gentle tannins and bright acidity 2+
tight and mostly closed on the palate, very medicinal, seems to have good weight and power, dark fruit, cherry pit notes, excellent cellaring potential 1
tight and sinewy on the finish, muscular with a long, balanced finish 2

#101 – Angelo Germano Vigna Rue – 88 pts
fugdy, poptart/toasty notes at first followed by menthol and ham notes, a bit woody/balsamic 2
softish in the mouth but fairly lively with nice ripe tannins 2
very fresh flavors of rose, tar, and red berry fruit in the mouth with a hint of pear and some spicy oak tones 3
finishes with medicinal fruit and a vianilla edge 2
prototypical entry-level Modern Barolo

#102 – Mauro Sebaste Brunate – 80pts
flat on the nose, not giving up much some herbal/bay leaf notes, low intensity, most likely quite closed 1
flat in the mouth, fluid and closed 1
slight roasted strawberry, roast herb notes on the palate, low intensity 1
a bit extracted feeling to the finish, long with balanced bitter cherry/ melon rind 2
not a fair assessment as I can only think this is shut tight

#103 – Fratelli Barale  Castellero  89pts
Candy and caraway great the nose, vanilla fudgy notes but not from oakiness, sweet dried fruits, dates 2
Fresh in the mouth with crisp tannins, blanced acidity, elegant 3
Cherry with a suggestion again of almost vanilla, low key and a touch simple 2
Finishes with a topnote of menthol, bit of apple seed cyanide note, a solid medium long finish 2+

#104 Fratelli Barale Cannubi -  Corked

#105 - Luciano Sandrone Cannubi Boschis – 90pts
coffee, torrefaction, menthol, powerful aromtacs but a touch clumsy and hot 2
lovely feel in the mouth with suavely managed tannins and integrated acidity, on the plush side 3
Dark black raspberry fruit in the mouth with notes of violet pastille candy and slightly bitter licorice with a just leathery edge, very richly flavored 3
Finishes a bit hot and disappointingly short after the midpalate’s depth 2

#106 – Boroli Cerequio – 91pts
Sweet chinato notes greet the nose joined by oily herb notes, sweet licorice, sandy soil tones, raspberry, iron, a touch of cinnamon and a preserved rose nuance, subtle but very complex 4
Just a touch soft in the mouth, could use more acidity 2
Monolithic on the palate with some faint coffee and roasted chestnut tones, slight oxidative note but appealing notes of porcini and dried hay 2+
Finishes with a rustic feel and long amarena fruit 2

#107 – Giacomo Brezza Bricco Sarmassa-  FLAW
Slightly roasty fruit on the nose, dark fruited with notes of raspberry jam and tea, smells like breakfast 2
Light and elegant in the mouth, interesting, crisp tannins, a touch stripped 2+
Touch herbal on the nose, a touch corked, wild strawberry, low intensity 2
Definitely corked on the finish NR

#108 – Giacomo Brezza Sarmassa -  93pts
The subtle nose offers up layers of raspberry fruit, green coffee bean, light herb notes, touch of seashell, light vegetal tones of tomato and nopale. I enjoyed smelling this 3+
A bit hard and strict in the mouth, youthful and just a touch loose 2
Lighter sour cherry fruit notes, herbal and limestone edges with very light cigar wrapper tobacco and almost salty nuances adding interest. 3
Finishing minty fresh with very crisp, refreshing tannins, savory and long with dried herbal tones 3

#109 – E Pira Cannubi – 86pts
A touch burnt on the nose with a roasted edge, roasted chestnut, roasted fruit with strong notes of Bologna and a slight industrial edge 2
Soft and languid in the mouth with a very easy style 2
Low intensity flavors of cherry pit, dried citrus peel and a touch of aspirin 2
Drying and rustic on the finish, a touch clumsy 2
Perhaps some low level TCA

#110 -Virna Cannubi Boschis – 88pts
wiry on the nose with a roasting chicken nose, tarragon, tobacco herb notes, soapy cherry blossom floral notes, but always that savory/hint gamy core 2
nice feel in the mouth with a sense of natural concentration 3
touch of arugula up front, moderate complexity, touch of blond tobacco, dried herbs, subtle fruit 2
finishes a touch shortish with amarena cherry and a touch of tarragon 2

#111 – Virna Preda Sarmassa – 91 pts
starts out stinky and leathery with old wood notes, prosciutto, a touch terpene, gravelly, a touch of eggshell, complex but not perfect or perfectly clean, some animal and manure tones even. 2+
very fresh in the mouth, feels great, lovely tannins and transparency with perfect supporting acidity 3+
a bit muted in the mouth with a decidedly funky/barnyardy edge to the sybtle, meaty fruit, notes of treebark and cedar add some complexity 3
finishes on the earthy side with small wild berries and a lovely tea note contrasting over the medium length finish 2
unusual and not for everyone but interesting

#112 - Einaudi nei Cannubi  -84pts
lovely nose if a touch toasty, hightoned, slightly musky, wild berry/lingonberry fruit, intense menthol top note with a touch of sour/drying water based paint detracting 3
feels a bit dead in the mouth and a touch stripped 1
low intensity flavors but sweet strawberry fruit with subtle herb notes and a touch of dill/ pickle barrel 2
finishes a bit hard and drying with a forced feel 1

#113 – Einaudi Costa Grimaldi – 94 pts
Very gentle nose with subtle, caressingly pure notes of rose and rosewater, subtle and layered with excellent potential evident 3
Light and elegant in the mouth with soft tannins and good supporting acidity 3
Subtle and layered in the mouth with ripe herbs, orchard fruits, red apple and red cherry tones, very good purity, faceted 3
Lovely crisp fruit on the finish, fresh light red berry tones, gentle floral topnotes with a very long wild raspberry finale 3

#114 –Agrivinicola Sebaste – 87pts
weird nose is very meaty, arrosto, roast pork, touch of BO funk, rosemary 2
soft in the mouth and a touch rustic, very soft tannins, very easy style 2
expressive in the mouth with a bit of dried apricot, green tea, drying hay and even a touch of grassiness adding complexity 2+
finishing soft with a slightly bitter/medicinal tone 2
Atypical but interesting

#115 - Giuseppe Rinaldi Brunate-le Coste – 93pts
Heavy, deep nose with medicinal cherry fruit, intense and brooding with a powdered sugar sweetness to the ripe and pure fruit 3+
Sweetly fruited with very ripe tannins and a fresh yet packed mouthfeel 3
Clay and nettle top otes add depth to the bright yet slightly confitured black berry/ black cherry fruit with just a touch of espresso crema 3
Finishes a bit compact and fairly short 2

Multi Commune Blend

#116 - Bartolo Mascarello – 94pts
earthy on the nose with notes of eggshell, dried cow patty, touch of menthol, lowish intensity yet very honest and intriguing to smell, lingering wild rose note 3+
Gentle in the mouth with gentle tannins, a light mineral water feel, elegant and ethereal 3+
Full of amarena cherry fruit in the mouth with a gentle almost cinnamon/allspice note, understated elegance, gentle, lingering spicy floral note 2+
Very long finish with light cherry and rose tones then turning gentle spiced and slightly vegetal with a mace tone, long and sapid 2+

#117 – Famiglia Anselma -89 pts
Big and sweetly fruited on the nose with a fudgy/roasted edge to the fruit and complicating notes of sweet herbs and licorice, a huge top note of hibiscus 2+
A touch soft and easy in the mouth with nice tannins 2
Irony and briny on the palate with black olive notes, black berry fruit, good intensity a touch meaty and edged with bitter licorice 3
Intensely flavored on the finish with a black olive tapenade, thyme scented finish 2+

#118 – Prunotto – 88 pts
The lovely nose combines notes of rainwater, amerena cherries in alcohol, and frutti di boschi with woodsy tones of tree bark, angelica root, and sottobosco 3
A touch soft in the mouth with very refined tannins 2
Light and elegant flavors of earthy tones with a hint of bitter tobacco and tea and dark brooding incipient fruit tones2
The finish feels a bit extracted and is quite tannins and a bit clumsy 2

#119 – Luciano Sandrone Le Vigne 83 pts
Hot at first on the nose but with some nice green tea, green herb, green peppercorn, green olive notes all embedded in very ripe cherry fruit with a candied edge and a slight violet note 3+
Lifeless in the mouth, no energy 1
Dark flavors are a touch bitter, coffee grinds, not much fruit here, more coffee 1
A forced feel to the finish with it’s light vanilla note and toasty essence 1

Grinzane Cavour

#120 – La Spinetta Vigneto Campe Vursu – 76pts
The nose here is pruny, alcoholic, with notes of tomato paste and oregano, simply nasty 0
This is fat and sweetish from the buring alcohol and big glycerine impact 1
 Plummy and pruny in the mouth with both a feeling of over-ripeness and under-ripeness this reminds me of old school late harvest zin 1
Drying on the finish with no flesh to absorb the woody spice 1
The best thing I can say about this is that it is potable

Grinzane Cavour and Castiglione Falleto

#121 – Terre da Vino Paesi Tuoi – 85pts
Lightly fishy on the nose, salty, very caperberry, lovely floral/gardenia note, pretty 2+
Soft and flaccid in the mouth 1
Flavors are seaweedy and herbal with some terpene notes and a pizza like edge 2
Drying on the finish with lots of dried cinnamon/ginger spice notes  2


#122 – Elvio Cogno Ravera – 86pts
The nose is a bit hot and clumsy with notes of over-ripe peach and raspberry fruit edged with a bit of toast and damp cigar 2
The mouthfeel is good with nice tannins and solid balance is a bit on the soft side 2
The flavors are crunchy and a bit closed with apply acidity adding freshness 2
The finish is overly tannic and short with toasty spiced notes and a bit of dark tobacco 2

#123 - Marziano Abbona Terlo Ravera – 86 pts
Woody on the nose with notes of sweet chocolate and a bit of intruding heat, some tomato notes 2
Fat and plush in the mouth without much grab 2
Very darkly fruited with some bitter cocoa notes and a very mineral edge, sodium/iron/aluminum notes, certainly complex but unusual 2
Finishes with more of the aggressive minerality and not much else 2

#124 – Giacomo Grimaldi Sotto Castello di Novello – 85pts
The nose is full of toast, spicy oak 2
Very sweetly fruited in the mouth with good ripe tannins and ok acidity 2
Spicy dark strawberry fruit on the palate with notes of coffee and torrefaction joined by sweet toasted oak notes 2
Finishing astringent and a touch clumsy with tough tannins 1+

#125 – Roberto Sarotto Audace –  85pts
A bit of pencil lead on the nose, very smoky with vegetal tones of spinach and onion powder even a bit of intruiging huitlacoche, different and interesting 2+
Fresh mouthfeel with nice tannins 2
A bit charry in the mouth with seared cherry fruit that has a bit of a bitter/roasted edge 2
This finishes with strong coffee candy coffee/almond extract notes 1

#126 – Armando Piazzo – 85pts
This opens with strong almost terpene notes of macerated flowers adding notes of fresh cherry fruit and just a bit of off-putting heat 1+
Good acids and soft tannins in blance make this very approachable 2
The flavors are a bit innocuous with typical yet low intensity dark cherry fruit and gentle nuances of menthol and tar 2
Finishing with medium length in a clean, fresh way this is perfectly acceptable entry/restaurant level Barolo 2

Friday May 9, 2008

Castiglione Falletto

#127 – Giacosa Fratelli Vigna Mandorlo – 89pts
This opens with a lovely briary nose that offers up deep, spicy fruit with light floral tones with a very fresh, brisk appeal. Very good nose 3+
Fresh and light in the mouth with tannins that are a touch rustic but in proportion to the medium weight body 2+
Dark strawberry fruit fells a bit closed but has vey typical complicating notes of tar and anise 2
Finishing brisk and fresh with medium length to the cherry/sour cherry fruit this may be uncomplicated but is pure and fun to drink 2

#128 – Tenuta Montanello Montanello – 91pts

This opens a touch dirty and earthy with very tarry aromas that feel a bit tired 2
Very fresh and acid driven in the mouth this has a really refreshing, crisp feel with very fine tannins 3+
The flavors runs a bit to the herbal side with a sage like edge to the amarena chery and slight slight musk melon flavors 3
A touch spicy on the finish with the gentle austerity of strawberry seeds this is focused and of medium length with a bit of a stony finale 2+

#129 – Livia Fontana Villero- 89pts
Light and elegant on the nose with very clear strawberry fruit, lightly dusty minerality and notes of apple like freshness and dried herbs 3
Bright and elegant in the mouth with a lovely ripe feel and fresh tannins 2+
The flavors seem a bit driven by the acids but are low intensity with notes of small red berries and a small violet note which grows to add strong floral depth in the mouth 2+
A but rustic on the back end with a touch of melon rind and sour cherry lingering on the long final 2

#130 – Livia Fontana – 83pts
Intense on the nose with dark, slightly roasted strawberry fruit and a light leather edge, has a bit of wood spice that grows in the glass 2+
Weighty in the mouth with good acidity but the tannins feel a bit clumsy and are drying 2
Pretty closed in the mouth with suggestions of fruit and herb but everything is pretty much locked down under some spicy notes 1
Better on the finish but the tannins are a bit tough though the strawberry/cherry fruit does emerge on the medium long finish that ends on a bitter espresso note 1+

#131 – Cordero di Montezemolo Enrico IV- 84pts
Offering up dark, jammy fruit on the nose this has a toasty/burnt marshmellow edge that competes with the menthol and herb tones, a touch flat and torrefied 2
Inharmonious in the mouth with a big, extracted feel acids that feel unintegrated and leave the wine a bit lifeless and lots of clumsy tannins, certainly not well integrated 2
Dark jammy fruit covers the tongue but the cocoa/café latte oak notes and slight charry edge prevent it from being sweet 2
Very drying on the finish with little to like, a bit painful in fact 1

#132 - Oddero Rocche di Castiglione – 89pts
Spicy on the nose with lots of dried herbs over a sandy base. The fruit is meaty with a seared edge and strong note of raw beef 3
Light and elegant in the mouth with a very easy style 2
Great wild strawberry fruit right up front with citrus and coriander top notes. A bit uncomplicated but delicious 2+
Finishes coolly with crisp tannins and a citrus final 2

#133 – Franceso Sobrero Ciabot Tanasio – 84 pts
A bit dirty on the nose with strong notes of preserved meats, dried beef, leather, cigarette ash, a bit of brett 1+
Light and lithe in the mouth with very fine tannins, very elegant 2+
Flavors lean towards the barnyard end of the spectrum and are a bit tough and dirty with mint and earth dominating 1+
Finishes simply and shortish with mint, earth and under-ripe strawberry fruit 1+

#134 - Fratelli Monchiero Rocche – 91pts
Starting off with woody spice notes on the nose and a touch of BO this none-the-less gains complexity with notes of bresaola, roasted herbs, dried floral notes and a bit of motor oil 2+
Starting from a touch of sweetness on entry this medium full wine offer very good impact in the mouth with a nice fleshy feel and lovely ripe tannins 3+
Dark and slightly medicinal with watermelon tinged black raspberry fruit this is intensely perfumed in the mouth with a strong mineral note 2+
Very hightoned on the finish, sinewy and complex with flavors of pollen and incense this is long 3

#135 – Franco Molino Villero – 80pts
Smells of cheap artificial banana candy, estery, super elastic bubble plastic chemical tone 1
A touch flat in the mouth with a fat feel 2
Tastes as it smells with a banana edge 1
The finish is rying and shortish 1

#136 – Cavallotto Bricco Boschis – 88pts
Reticent nose with dark fruit and a slightly musky/men’s cologne tone. Clear but low key cherry/huckleberry/mulberry fruit with a calcium undertone 2+
Good freshness but a bit on the tannic side, just a bit tough now 2+
Opens with lovely mineral/vitamin notes up front, low key flavors with a nice woodsy/sottobosco edge, not very giving 2+
Finishes with aggressive tannins and great minerality if short 2
Needs some time here

#137 – Brovia Rocche – 88pts
Slightly jammy fruits on the nose with a slight feral edge, a touch meaty with menthol and asphalt undertones 2+
Good acids in the mouth with a soft, gentle, approachable character 2+
Low intensity flavors with great transparency, slight sour berry fruit, uncomplicated 2
Finishes short and austere without great intensity 2
Needs some time, similar to above

#138 – Franco Conterno Cascina Sciulun Vigna Pugnane – 87pts
 A bit of grains/cereal on the nose is followed by strong iodine/nori notes and a touch of dried thyme framing the dark fruits 2+
Easy in the mouth with good acids if slightly astringent tannins 2
Melon and slightly vegetal tones in the mouth, mineral rich greens, sandy notes, good intensity if low key at this point 2+
Finishing a touch drying and rustic if with good length and a raspberry finale 2

#139 – Giacomo Fenocchio Villero -  89pts
A reticent nose slowly reveals soapy/perfumy floral notes, sweet smelling cranberry fruit and sweet tar and mint top notes 3
Nicely fresh in the mouth with a sauve feel, nicely integrated and almost elegant 2+
A bit tight in the mouth with peach skins, almost peachy fruit, very tight though 2
Finishes with a bit of astringency to the red cherry fruit notes but is long with notes of seared fruit, peach skin, and soapy floral notes 2

#140 Boroli Villero – 82pts
A huge rose note at first with sweet herbs then raw woody and artifical vanilla, seems as though there is really good fruit here but some over aggressive winemaking 1+
Good acids but feels dead and never really reaches the back of the tongue1+
Monlithic in the bmouth with cherry candy flavors 1+
Finishes short and drying with minty/menthol notes and a touch of fruit 2

#141 – Roccheviberti Vigneti Rocche – 87pts
Very light and low key on the nose with light smoke/campfire/ash notes and a slighty dirty edge, closed 2
Nice mouthfeel with a slightly rustic edge but easy and fresh 2
Offers up some green herb and white peppercorn notes on the entry and remains towards the savory end of the spectrum with a very spicy quality to the small, taut red berry fruit that show a slightly roasted edge 2+
Finishes with a bit of a leathery note to the spicy fruit, a bit short 2

#142 – Vietti Rocche - 92pts
Smoky and briary on the nose with excellent intensity. Perfumed floral notes and hints of baconfat and blackpepper recall hermitage a bit. Deep, dark fruits 3+
This starts out seeming a bit loose and light even but the citrusy acidity pulls everything together, very soft, gentle tannins 2+
A stony enrty is followed by some woodsy funghi notes and hints of bitter scorched earth. Some creosote and ash notes give and edge to the dried fruits 3
A nice finish if a touch astringent very long and very mineral driven with a gentle finale of toast 2

#143 -Roche Costamagna Brunate – 87pts
Opening with a touch of rosewater which quickly gives way to a sweet, slightly evolved nose that offers up slightly jammy fruit with notes of talc, perfume and tea and just a slight merde undertone 2+
Lowish acids keep this languid in the mouth with a slightly stripped feel though the tea like tannin is appealing 2
Low intensity flavors are unremarkable and a bit boring 2
Finishes cleanly and briskly with a bit of fruit in evidence 2

#144 – Roche Costamagna Bricco Francesco _- 90pts
A very low key nose, nondescript, closed, a bit leathery/bretty 2
Fresh feeling in the mouth with a lovely integrated acidity, bracing and elegant 3
Leathery flavors conceal low key wild strawberry fruit with complicating notes of bitter dandelion, espresso, and a hint of lemon 2
Finishes very strongly with pretty tannin and a long, persistent finish that reveals a core of complex, savory fruit 3

#145 - Poderi Marcarini Brunate – 93pts
A wonderful nose of sweet wild cherry, wild rose, seared cherry, a touch gamy/fowl, oily herbs, intense and persistent with great perfume 4
Elegant and balanced in the mouth with a lithe feel and slightly edgy tannins 2+
Sour strawberry fruits up front are joined by a strong melon ring note and hints of unripe peach. A bit tough and earthy with a strong tarry mineral vein this needs time to unfurl 3
This clamps down on the finish with it’s toughish, rustic tannins 2

#146 – Poderi Marcarini La Serra – 94pts
Very sandy on the nose with raspberry liquor fruit, tea, dried herbs, a touch of oregano, fairly intense but transparent with light floral top notes and hints of saline and cedar 3+
Easy in the mouth with very round, ripe tannins and good acidity. Very fleshy but in no way heavy 3+
Slightly herbal flavors and a dry/earthy quality envelope the amarena cherry fruit which is joined in the mouth by persistent if subtle notes of dried flowers and herbs, herbs de provence, dried lemon zest 3+
Very young on the finish with it’s slightly tough feel and shortish length to the small wild strawberry tones 2

#147 – Gianfranco Bovio Vigna Gattera - 89 pts
Very classic nose with cherries in alcohol, tar, rose, a touch of woodspice, and a bit of a jammy feel here with a slight chemical/plastic edge that detracts 2+
Very together feeling in the mouth, soft tannin but lots giving it a slightly chewy feel, packed and nicely balanced 3
Opens with a strong licorice note over strawberry jam but closes up a bit in the glass, dark tea notes and a touch of nuttiness add complexity 2
Finishes with dark fruits on a slightly tough frame with a final of dried fruits 2

#148 – Gianfranco Bovio Vigna Arborina – 85pts
A very winy nose with an iron element to the sweet, slightly roasted fruit that has a decided vanilla edge, a bit Chateauneuf like 2
Good freshness in the mouth with a medium full feel. Nice crisp tannins 2
Flavors of over-ripe berry in the mouth with a touch of orange marmelade to them,  feels a bit stripped and low key 2
Fineshes a touch lean and woody with drying tannins, unbalanced 1+

#149 – Gianni Gagliardo Serre – 85pts
Seared fruit on the nose, sweetly fruited, a touch porty with a caramel edge 2
Too soft, flaccid with drying tannins  1+
Low key flavors, sour plum/strawberry fruits are appealing but the graham cracker/oaky spice notes intrude a bit 2
Finishes crisply with good complex, fresh fruits, best part of the wine 2+

#150 – Cascina Adelaide Fossati – 91pts

The nose offers up some dirty funky notes but has ample sour fruit and dried herb notes to appeal, slightly sulphury with a dark, oaky presence growing 2+
A nice compact feel in the mouth, fresh and bright with good integration 3
Coffee and slightly bitter woody elements dominate in the mouth obscuring much of the fruit, seems a touch closed 2
Finishes very strongly, strong espresso crema, licorice, fine tannins, well put together and very long  but not my style 3

#151 -Aurelio Settimo – 78pts
A big pruny nose recalls Zinfandel. Artificial candy notes and a touch of ash 1
Flat, fat and soft 1
Indistinct flavors, some wild cherry notes, some old wood, shallow 1
Drying and astringent if long with dusty earthy flavors 1

#152 – Aurelio Settimo Rocche – 89pts
Very pretty nose with rose, sweet fruit, rosewater, a touch simple though 2+
Sweetly fruited entry, lush and caressing with good supporting acidity, plush 2+
Pure, wiry flavors in the mouth with wild cherry, dried herb and a zesty, nice mineral core 3
Fruity on the finish and a touch simple and short 2
Pretty easy and appealing traditional wine

#153 – Cordero di Montezemolo Bricco Gattera – 87pts
Passionfruity nose with spicy floral tones and hints of ligonberry and vanilla/bay leaf bubblegum 2
Easy and languid in the mouth with good focus and elegant tannins that are a touch austere 2+
Dark espresso oak tones, monolithic with slightly roasted/meaty fruit and herb notes. Cherry pits on the back end 2
Very blocky and drying on the finish with some nice fruits and more bitter/espresso wood notes 2

#154 – Oddero Brunate – 95pts
Dry and wiry on the nose with rust, seashells, strict and complex, dried flowers , nori I want to keep smelling this 4
Fresh acidity in the mouth with fine tannins, crisp, refined and very well balanced 3
Cherry fruit with herb notes, nori again all over a sandy mineral base with a lovely chestnutty note 3
A bit tough on the finish with excellent limestone mineral tones and refreshing austerity, very long, needs time 2+

#155 – Mario Marengo – 88pts
Sweetly fruited nose is a bit jammy but with a lovely sweet licorice top note. A bit monotone in it’s fruitiness but big and deep 2+
Big and plush in the mouth, lots of compact tannins 2+
Fresh and fruity flavors, a touch tutti-frutti gum, nice rose and spice notes 2+
Finishes clean and brisk with fresh fruit notes, a touch of melon, dark with an oak spice finale 2+
Perhaps a touch modern but a very successful, well balanced wine

#156 – Mauro Veglio Rocche Dell’Annunziata -  93 pts
 A touch lactic at first but with sweet cherry fruit, slightly toasty sweet oaky spice but in proportion, seashell, mineral, cigar wrapper, complex with subtle notes of dried fruits and flowers 3+
Nice middle weight feel, seamless, fresh with lovely tannins 3+
Very ripe with over-ripe red berry fruits, a touch of mushroom, sottobosco notes, high toned in the mouth with a touch of medicial herbs and a foxy/wild edge to the fruits 3
Finishes coolly, crisp and compact with slightly drying tannins 2

#157 – Revello Vigna Conca – 86pts
Leathery on the nose with green floral notes and a touch of VA. Seems closed 2
A bit stressed in the mouth, good bright acidity, compact, angular woody tannins 2
Sour bitter cherry fruit is attractive and the subtle dark mineral/medicinal edge adds complexity as it leads to the bitter cocoa back end 2
Finishes a bit bitter and harsh with jammy fruit and gentle floral and menthol tones that lead to a wild cherry finale 2

#158 – Revello Vigna Giachini – 87pts

Very pretty aromatics at first with a touch of vanilla, sweet raspberry, sweet bay leaf, a subtle earthy tone in the background and a big menthol top note 2+
A bit flaccid in the mouth, chewy with big tannins 2
Nice cherry flavors up front, some dried medicinal herbs, a touch bitter, almond/vanilla extract notes and a touch of espresso crema are lifted by the slightly dark/earthy tones 2+
The finish is drying with nice sour berry fruit 2

#159 – Fratelli Monchiero Roere -  95pts
Offers up a brisk nose with tea, white floral tones, sweet fruit, dusty, concrete dust, sweet licorice, meaty, beefy, and with a rainwater minerailty top note 3
Light and elegant in the mouth, fresh and crisp with apple-y acidity and a slight, appealing austerity 3+
Mineraly at first with again the apple-y acidity, transparent in the mouth with dusty, wild strawberry fruit, slightly leathery feel, very complex, parsley/beet root note, complex nuances of granite and apple seed cyanide 3+
Long and brisk on the finish with fresh orchard fruit notes. I like this very much 3

#160 – Cascina Ballarin Bricco Rocca – 80pts
Coffee bean, sour meat, shallow nose, could be Chilean 1
Good if anonymous medium bodied feel 2
Chocolate, bitter herb, green herb, earthy, could this be Carmenere 1
Coffee, uhg 1

#161 – Franco Molino Rocche Dell’Annunziata  - 85pts
Very caramelly nose, roast veal, hard candy, roast herb, roast medicinal fruits , mmm, mmm ,mm mm toasty 2+
Nice with good balance, seems like it wants to be transparent but then goes matte 2+
Darly fruited bit simple and monolithic this is either closed or boring 2
Finishes off-balance with very drying tannins 1

#162 – Oreste Stroppiana Vigna San Giacomo -  92pts

Nice herbal notes great the nose over a gently sandy, leathery base. Floral and lightly smoky tones frame the fruit and light tobacco and sweet chinato notes add depth 3+
Soft tannins and good acidity frame the mouthfeel which is a touch astringent, elegant if strict, like a waltz in the mouth 2+
Lovely sour cherry fruit with citron peel notes, slightly woody though more balsamic with treebark, pine cone, and curch candle notes 2+
Finishes with a lovely minty/mossy topnote to the pure sour cherry fruit, very long, lacks a bit of complexity but I still really like this 3

#163 – Tenuta L’Illuminata Tebavio – 86pts

Very closed nose 1
Nice crisp feel, focused and balanced in the mouth, ripe tannins 3
Tight in the mouth as well with only a bit of melon/melon rind obvious 2
A touch woody on the finish but with some almost truffly notes, tight and short 2
This might open up and be quite excellent, just a hunch

#164 – Rivetto dal 1902 Leon – 92pts
 Very medicinal nose, sassafras, arugula, deep and penetrating with iron rich greens abundant, I like this a lot 3+
Lean and very linear, focused in the mouth with crisp tannins 3
Hugely herbal in the mouth with a big bouquet garni note, dried baking spices offering great accent notes, dark tough fruit will need time to open 2+
Finishes with deep medicinal tones, long and fine with excellent potential 2+

#165 – Mario Gagliasso Rocche Dell’Annunziata – 89pts
A lovely nose that combines tobacco, prosciutto, fughi and sottobosco scents with a bit of toasty spice, a touch evolved, subtle and complex 3
Fresh in the mouth if a bit loose but refreshing and open feeling 2+
A bit woody up front, gentle and subtle with the spice notes woven together with the gentle raspberry fruit and subtle coriander/cardamom notes 2
Drying and rustic on the finish with a slightly oxidized feel 2

#166 – Mario Gagliasso Torriglione – 91pts
Intense Alpine flower notes greet the nose with a little candied red berry fruit, spicy lingonberry/dried cranberry fruits, sweet baking spices and a touch of meaty/beefiness 2+
Light and elegant in the mouth though a touch soft and easy 2
Deeply flavored with wild berry fruit and intense preserved flowers, a hint of bay leaf and incipient truffle notes 3
Sweetly fruited on the finish with again a slight truffly note, sweet licorice and dried flowers on the long finale 3

#167 – Eugenio Bocchino La Serra – 83pts
lovely rainwater minerality on the nose then sweet raspberry fruit, a bit candied, a touch of mixed herbs, turns a bit cola/Dr. pepper like 2+
Soft and languid in the mouth if expansive 2
Monolithic and a touch darkly flavored with more Dr. pepper/Cherry coke notes 1
Dr. pepper on the finish as well, drying with some red plum fruit and an odd finale of dried pineapple 1

#168 – Eugenio Bocchino Lu – 89pts
A bit closed on the nose but with coaxing reveals gentle mineralwater and roast meat notes 2
Nice mouthfeel, very round yet retaining a sense of delicacy, lovelybalance, great mouthfeel 3+
Intense rose perfume in the mouth, touch of roasted raspberry, feels a bit closed 2
Clean and bracing on the finish with peach skin and fine tea notes on the long finish, love the potential here 2+

#169 – Vietti Brunate – 89pts
Classic aspects of cherry in alcohol, seaweed, menthol, butcher’s wax and dried herbs are joined by slightly fudgy/toasted oak notes 3
Crisp in the mouth with nice tannins but an easy style that seems a touch loose 2
Lovely cherry pit fruit on the palate with notes of bitter mineral and herbs that add complexity. A hint of bitter coffee oils develops on the backend 2+
Finishes a bit aggressive and short with slightly drying tannins 2

#170 – Mauro Molino Vigna Gancia – 80 pts
An atypical nose with cedar and passionfruit 1
Fat, flat and kind of dead 1
Subtle flavors in the mouth with cedary, sandlewood edges to the sour cherry fruit, simple but attractive 2
Finishes astringent and lean 1

#171 -Mauro Molino Vigna Conca – 88 pts
Spicy wood tones, spicy/gamey red berry fruit joined by subtle tones of candle wax, sottobosco, and ivy. Develops interesting notes of alpine flowers and a bit of harsh, burnt wood 3
Easy and languid in the mouth with very soft tannins, feels kind of stripped 2
Earthy and a touch herbal in the mouth with a sandy, seaside feel to the mouth. Low intensity but dark flavors with a slightly musky, brambly, blackberry tone to them 3
Drying and short, the finish is packed with tannin and unbalanced 1

#172 – Gianni Voerzio  La Serra – 78 pts
Coffee woody, raspberry jam, smells like Michel Rolland 1
Flat and dead in the mouth 1
Coffee and burnt toast flavors dominate the palate 1
Over-extracted and painful on the finish1

#173 – Renato Ratti Marcenasco – 84pts
Very strong dried citrus tones greet the nose, lime, citrus blossoms, licorice, sea iar, soft strawberry fruits, a touch wild, complex, with a bit of burnt oak intruding 3
A bit flat in the mouth, lacks some energy, not heavy but somewhat ponderous 1
Dark, oaky and monolithic in the mouth 2
Drying and nutty on the finish with long coffee tones 1

#174 – Renato Ratti Conca – 87pts
Sweet aromatics with dried fruit notes, a bit heavy and syrupy but with some tea/floral and citrus notes adding a bit of lift 2+
God acidity and soft tannins in a linear yet easy style 2+
A touch of bitter almond and bitter cherry, monolithic 2
Big fruit on the finish with dark cherry notes and a bit of mentho, touch short 2


#177 – Vigneti Dosio – 89pts
 A bit funky on the nose at first, very soil driven, a touch of diesel, dried herbs, subtle metallic/mineral tones, dried reaspberry fruit, very interesting if unusual 3
Nice crisp tannins, good acidity, a touch strict in the mouth 2+
Bitter amarena cherry fruit right up front is cut by rocky minerality, feels a bit closed but with admirable precision 2+
Finishes tight and short with interesting fruit tones and nice grab 2

#178 – Agostino Bosco -91 pts
A big, syrupy nose with sweet baked goods and toasty oak, smells like a Pasticceria 2
Very fresh in the mouth, crisp tannins, depth without weight 3
Soft wild raspberry fruit, dried herbs, nice but a touch simple 2+
A very long fruit driven finish with lingonberry and spicy raspberry  notes and a hint of menthol 3

#179 – Michele Chiarlo Cerequio – 86 pts
A fresh nose with a touch of tobacco, reticent, some red plum, red floral notes, low key but with potential 3
Flat and a bit dead in the mouth 1
Good intensity of flavors if they tend to the bitter, earthy end of the spectrum with modest herbal tones 2
A bit drying on the finish with some nice fruit peeking out, short, very clean feeling 2

#180 – Terre da Vino Essenze – 84 pts
Fat and heavy on the nose with candied California Pinot fruit, some notes of tobacco and rosehip add interest to the Cola notes 2
Ok in the mouth but ordinary 2
Dark, slightly dried, slightly candied indistinct berry fruit in the mouth 2
The finish is short and drying 1

#181 – Deltetto Sistaglia – 82 pts
Dirty barrel aromatics, drying hay, touch oxidized, lots of almond shell notes 1
Good soft, ripe mouthfeel with a lean yet balanced feel 2
Almondy and spicy flavors are lean if clean on the palate 2
Finsihes short and painless1

#182 – Claudio Alario Riva – 80pts
The nose starts out with promising gamy notes and herbal, medicinal lozenge accents before being overtaken by dark woody/coal notes and flat root beer 1
Easy in the mouth with a very soft style “traditional commercial feel” 1
Sweet flavors in the mouth echo the rootbeer of the nose with touched of butterscotch and baking spices 1
The finish shows some length and depth with a refreshing return of the biter medicinal herbs hinted at on the nose 2

#183 – Castello Di Verduno Massara – 89pts
Very strong balsamic notes on the nose of candle wax and incense, strawberry in alcohol and nettle notes are low key but attractive 2+
Fresh and easy in the mouth, very Nebbiolo d’Alba like, a bit easy for Barolo 2
Earthy flavors are rich with dried floral tones before sour, astringent red berry fruit creeps in with a lovely mushroomy edge 2
A very attractive finish, long and old worldy with a slightly nutty edge but still retaining notes of strawberry and macerated flowers. 2+

#184 – F.lli Alessanria Monvigliero – 80 pts
A touch dirty on the nose with an earthy, leathery core of licorice tinged fruit 2
Flat and a bit lifeless in the mouth
Indistincet flavors, feels closed 1
No finish to speak of 1

#185 – G.B.  Burlotto Aclivi – 92pts
A big, fruity nose starts off full of bramble and tobacco, remaining savory with additions of riverbead minerality and thyme herbs de Provence to the deep, complex core of fruit 3+
Vibrant in the mouth with good lift, a bit of power and muscle without significant weight in the mouth 2+
Melony flavors recall muskmelon turning tarry and dark with an almost briny/olivy note, slighty/almost fishy/umami notes, a bit oily, rich wild black raspberry fruits on the back end 3
The finish is brisk and long with subtle savoty tones and a lingering final of black raspberry 2+

#186 – Giordano Vini – 86pts
Spicy and herbal on the nose with notes of drying hay and strong clay tones, wet clay, very fresh, mineral and cool 2
Soft and caressing in the mouth, could use a bit more acidity and tannins a re a bit bitter 2
Subtle herbal flavors are a touch shallow and weak but pleasant 2
The finish is moderately long yet drying and rustic 2

#187 – Terre Del Barolo – 84 pts
Not much on the nose though what is there is typical earthy, leathery fruit 1
Fresh in the mouth with a very easy, fluid feel 2
Actually nicely flavored with a lean, winy core of fruit,indistinct but with an herbal top note, traditional to a fault, literlay 2
A touch bitter on the finish but rustic and ok 2

Saturday May 10, 2008

Monforte D’Alba

#188 Tenuta Rocca Vigna San Pietro –  78pts
Bit reductive, chestnutty, rootbeer, touch flat and closed on the nose with a small rose note, some wild berry fruit emerging, a touch chemical/insecticide 1
Drying tannins in the mouth with a rustic feel 1+
Slightly bitter flavors, very chestnutty and shallow 1
Short, bitter finish with some melon rind notes 1

#189 – Silvano Bomida Bussia – 88pts
A lovely perfumed nose offers a mélange of floral notes with hints of almond and animal edges. Compact and tight offering up appealing limestone and leathery top notes 2+
Light and elegant in the mouth with moderate structure and offering good drinkability 2+
Flavors are on the darker side, a touch musky with good purity to the wild flower/wild berry tones 2+
A touch tarry on the end with nice airy structure that bodes well for the mid-term 2+

#190 – Silvano Bolmida Vigne dei Fantini -  89pts
Offering up reticent notes of tobacco, ashtray and musky floral notes, a bit closed 2
Elegant and polished in the mouth with a sense of real fruit ripeness though almost a bit soft 2+
A bit of a medicinal/vitamin note to the sour cherry fruit, a bit closed/low key but very nice 2+
Crisp and fresh on the finish with very nicely managed tannins peeking out. Good hints of menthol/mint/ and vegetal tones to the very long strawberry tops finale , refreshing 3

#191 –Fratelli Giacosa Bussia – 86pts
Freahly fruity on the nose with a touch of beef, a bit sweet smelling and also a touch hot, a bit woody 2
Very suave in the mouth, too polished with good acidity but lacks mouthgrab 2
Dark fruits in the mouth, tarry, black mineral notes offer some interest on the medium weight frame but it comes off as a bit ordinary 2
Minerally and a bit leathery on the finish with a soft feel that is a bit simple and boring 2

#192 – Josetta Saffirio – 89pts
Freshly fruited on the nose with simple yet deep tones of fleshy, candied fruits and baking spices 2
Fresh in the mouth with good acidis, soft tannins, good focus and persistence on a fine medium weight frame 3
AA touch of green herb/grape stems add complexity to the dark cherry fruit/ dried cherry fruit. A touch of burnt brownie wood adds to the moderate complexity, nicely done 2+
A bit drying on the finish, dried fruits, dried currants, a bit atypical byt nice 2

#193 - Josetta Saffirio Persiera -89pts
Aromatic and sweet on the nose with fruit and baking spices, a bit of sawdust 2
Good acidity in the mouth keeps this fresh and zippy with a nice touch of austerity, very nice feel 3
A touch beefy in the mouth might up front followed by some rootbeer/licorice tones. A touch rustic but with a good/authentic feel 2+
Fresh and crisp on the finish with moderate length, not special but very good and appealing 2+

#194 – Monti Bussia -86pts
Interesting nose shows and unusual aspect with it’s licorice root, coal, machine oil, cigar ash complexion. Turning a bit beet rooty with time , interesting if a bit too marked by wood treatment notes 2
A touch soft in the mouth though light and elegant 2
A touch bitter in the mouth with low intensity earthy flavors of sour cherry, simple 2
Finishes short with menthoil and limestone edges, ok 2

#195 – Monti – 90pts
A bit reticent on the nose yet with a fine make-up of aromas, slightly stemmy, light wild cherry, sandy, bright undertones of sottobosco, fresh and subtle 3
Bright and juicy in the mouth, a lighterweight wine but fresh and almost lush in it’s seamlessness 2+
Soft flavors in the mouth with a bit of old wood, licorice, and melon rind frame the red cherry fruit, subtle and very enjoyable 2+
Very focused on the finish with fine tannin management, moderate length and a lovely rosehip finale 2+

#196 – Gemma Giblin – 87pts
The nose offers up slightly dirty/evolved notes of Salame and feral notes with simple savory amarena cherry fruit that is touched with pork and mineral tones 2
A touch dry in the mouth with an appealling severity. A nice fruit sweetness emerges and is well balanced by the ripe acids and slightly austere tannins 3
Low key flavors are a bit chestnutty and slightly stern turning decidedly dried floral. Subtle and savory 2+
The finish is moderately long though quite drying and rustic with subtle rose and wildberry notes 1+

#197 – Mauro Veglio Castelletto – 89pts
Dark and deep on the nose with great complexity to the brooding aromatics that feature balsamic and mineral tones to the dark berry fruit. Oak is there but fairly well balanced. Excellent freshness with a menthol topnote 3+
Medium full in the mouth with good acidity just a touch blocky and dull on the backend 2
Flavors are a bit heavy with lots of toasty oak but there seems to be sufficient dark fruit to back it up and even some deep mineral cut on the midpalate to offer a respite from the weight. A bit closed yet dark and brooding 2+
Mentholy and a touch drying and short but with power, for the cellar, this should improve, though it is not my style it is impressive

#198 – Ruggeri Corsini  – 85pts
Liquory fruit on the nose, lovely complexity that pits the concentrated dark berry fruit against complicating notes of limestone, herbs, mint, and a bright, intense flourish if fresh floral tones 3+
Good acids and crisp tannins in the mouth yet feels very compressed and hollow, tightly closed 2
Closed yet hinting at dark fruits, a bit of untoasted wood, nutty and simple at this point 1
Drying and short, yielding nothing 1

#199 – Rocche dei Manzoni Vigna Cappella di S. Stefano – 83pts
Confected on the nose with a strong rootbeer quality, closed with a touch of candied pineapple fruit, shallow at this point with light coffee/cocoa notes 2
Good acids in the mouth but compact and drying with good medium to mediumfull feel 2
Coffee up front that is a touch bitter, taut but unexpressive 1+
Drying on the finish with yet more oaky coffee notes, tight with a suggestion of sour berry fruits on the finale 1+

#200 – Rocche dei Manzoni Vigna d’la Roul – 91pts
A big arugula note greets the nose, very fresh and crisp aromatics with bright citrus blossom notes and cool fruit tones, background buzz is spicy oak adds complexity. Lacks a bit of intensity and complexity but what’s here is great3+
Lovely mouthfeel, crisp and bright without significant weight, elegant and lithe if just a touch soft 3
Lovely flavors in the mouth repeating the strong arugula note of the nose with herbal and mineral notes framing the bitter cherry fruit, picks up a touch of iron, just a touch simple 2+
Drying and slightly tough on the finish the tannins seem ripe enough to sort themselves out, for the cellar 2
#201` - Cascina Ballarin Bussia  - 91pts
Offering up a deep, sweet nose with notes of dried peach and dried rose petals this is marred by slightly too much backing spice/middle eastern oaken spic. Very complex with a suggestion of savory bacon even, impressive none-the-less 3+
Full and rich in the mouth with very nice balance and a sense of finesse 3
Almost coconutty in the mouth with a slight Almond Joy note. Liquory dark curranty fruit is strong and tinged with vanilla. This lacks some typicity 2
Long, full finish blends notes of raspberry jam with chocolate covered bitter orange notes. Very nice wine if not particularly Barolo like 2

#202 – Prunotto Bussia – 86pts
Sappy on the nose with slightly roasted sweet cherry fruit. Lovely hints of rosehips, sandy soil and herbal tones are appealing but there is just a bit too much raw wood/oak flooring in here though it is very nice 2+
A bit too soft in the mouth with drying tannins, feels both compressed and a touch stripped at this point 1+
A nice herbal component in the mouth recalls tomato leaf, sour cherry fruit is wiry and there is a nutty component underlaying it all 2
Finishes with low intensity, decent fruit though heavy tannins and slightly bitter nut oils detract 2

#203 – Fratelli Alessandria Gramolere – 83pts
The nose seems hot and over-ripe with stemmy/old woody notes 1
Loose and lacking focus in the mouth 1
Spicy, herbal/bramble notes in the mouth recall Zinfandel, quite brambly/blackberry tinged 2
The finish is the best part with its liquory raspberry fruit and slight treebark tones that are simple but offer admirable length 2+

#204 – Giovanni Sordo Ceretta di Perno – 91pts
A cool nose featuring bright green herbal notes leaning towards tarragon, a hint of bitter olis, very rusty, almost alkaline smelling minerality, excellent complexity, I like smelling this even if it is almost devoid of fruit 3+
Fresh in the mouth with a very crisp character, bracing acids and stiff tannins, the antithesis of modern Barolo 3
Low intensity flavors in the mouth with slightly herbal, slightly sandy notes to the simple raspberry toned fruit that picks up notes of bitter almond and pressed flowers on the backend 2+
Finishes decidedly rustic though cleansing and refreshing with a nice herbal final 2

#205 – Oreste Stroppiana Gabutti Bussia – 79 pts
Sweet on the nose with notes of cola, coriander, burnt sugar and walnutty brittle, over-ripe 1+
Loose in the mouth without focus 1
Moderate intensity flavors offer up shallow notes of orangy strawberry fruit 1+
Rustic and drying on the finish 1

#206 - Marziano Abbona Pressenda – 82pts
A bit oaky on the nose with a bit of cola and slight tones of medicinal herbs. Complex and well knit with a fresh fruit character lifted by slight VA, Gains more vanilla as it sits in the glass but stays in balance 3
Pretty big in the mouth with a viscous character not helped by the soft acids and tannins, ungainly 1
A touch bitter with lots of woody flavors in the mouth and a coffee streak that puts a cap on what fruit is here 1
Drying and dark on the finish, closed and mysterious 1

#207 -  Aldo Conterno Colonnello – 94pts
Open and richly scented with strawberry jam, a touch of tree bark, sottobosco and incipient truffle notes, licorice and violet pastille, just a touch hot but love this profile 3+
Weighty in the mouth, soft but balanced with a very expansive feel 3
Starts off with a touch of bitter/medicinal roots followed up with subtle beet root tinged wild strawberry fruit then spicy cardamom and coriander seeds, very good intensity and complexity 3
The savory finish offers up real depth and complexity with a great length and light menthol top notes that lead to a light tobacco finale 3

#208 – Franco Conterno Cascina Sciulin Bussia Munie – 87pts
A big nose with lots of sweet fruit, sautéed mushroom notes, a touch of tarragon, a touch of seaweed and subtle top notes of dried ginger and coriander 3
Nice and easy in the mouth with a fleshy feel, good acids and crisp if slightly drying tannins 2+
Citrussy and bright in the mouth with small raspberry toned core and a cooler feel, seems a bit tight/closed 2
Darker raspberry fruit on the finish which feels a bit clipped 1

#209 – Gianfranco Alessandria San Giovanni – 83pts
A bit shy on the nose, wiry, not expressive, a bit fumey, raw woody, a touch of banana 1
Big and focused in the mouth with good acids and ripe tannins 2+
Spicy and woody in the mouth, red cherry fruit, good subtle complexity with notes of lemon blossoms and menthol adding complexity to the medicinal red cherry/ludens like fruit 2+
Crisp and fresh on the finish though turning a touch hot and with drying, hard tannins 1

#210 – Gianfranco Alessandria – 91pts
Dark on the nose with tons of oily herbal notes, slightly roasted strawberry notes with good/sharp floral conterpoints, fresh rose and drying grass notes add depth and the mineral top notes only add another intriguing layer 3+
Fresh and juicy in the mouth with good balance if a touch languid 2
Deply fruited with cedary tinged sottobosco fruit over an earthy/ mineraly core, dark and taut 3
Liquory raspberry fruit on the long, elegant finish with hints of licorice and menthol, hightoned and fine 2+

#211 – Poderi Colla dardi le Rose – Bussia – 82pts
A dirty, shy nose offers up notes of prosciutto and chlorine 1
Soft, squishy and hollow in the mouth 1
Flavors of cherry and mixed berry in the outh have a meaty edge 2
The finish offers up appealing freshness with crisp tannins and notes of melon and mint 2

#212 – Giacomo Fenocchio Bussia – 89pts
Sweetly perfumed floral notes are gentle and subtle with intriguing notes of herb and sweet licorice adding complexity, a whiff of sea air adds depth though the aromas remain restrained 3
A bit relaxed in the mouth with soft acids and a fleshy feel, could use a bit more inner mouth energy 2
Darkly fruited with complicating notes of menthol and citrus oils. Low key and restrained with a touch of bitter minerailty and a crisp oystershell tone keeping things lively 2
A touch drying on the finish which is rustic but very long with intense notes of macerated flowers, a bit hot 2+

#213 –Costa di Bussia Tenuta Arnulfo – 78 pts
Horsy, touchbretty, antisceptic, hospital/barbershop 1
Stripper, soft and neutral 1
Shallow strswberry tones 1
Rustic tannins on the finish, mineral water notes 1

#214 Costa di Bussia Campo dei Buoi – 86 pts
Low key nose with slowly revealed notes of rainwater, rosepetal, dried orange peel, and small red berry fruit, nice and classic 3
Soft and too polished in the mouth 2
Subtle chestnutty flavors of old wood are very gentle, a touch of VA adds lift, ok 2
Finishes with rustic tannins, short and a touch hot 1

#215 – Armando Parusso -   87pts
At first passionfruity then dark and a touch estery with a blocky, monolithic quality to the nose. Reveals notes of dark oily herbs,  meaty roasted oak and bitter licorice 2
Cool and crisp in the mouth with good acids and lively, slightly austere tannins offering balance 2+
Vegatal and a touch compsoty in the mouth. A bit of a medicinal/menthol  edge to the dark, monolithic quality in the mouth that is a bit tough 2
Good wild strawberry notes on the finish that feels a touch extracted and drying though offers up moderately long notes of menthol and spicy oak 2

#216 – Fratelli Seghesio la Villa -  88pts
A different nose here with a touch of shoe polish adding interest to the liquory raspberry fruit, chocolaty and powerful with slow to reveal dried strawberry, mineral and macerated floral notes 2+
Big and thickish in the mouth with acids that are a touch soft and slightly drying tannins that add to the muscular feel 2+
Darkly bitter in the mouth with cocoa/toasted oak notes, not particularly fruit driven at this point with a bit of an extracted/forced feel 2
Massive and powerful on the finish with a dense matte quality to the wine, packed and stacked for the cellar 2+

#217 – Ca Brusa Vigna d’Vai - 91pts
Lovely fresh aromatics with clear red cherry fruit, delicate floral tones and layers of rosewater, light citrusy and herbal accents, intruiging if lacking a touch of intensity 3
Elegant and fresh in the mouth if a touch easy, could use a bit more acid but the round, soft tannins are nicely balanced 2+
Subtle flavors start off chestnutty with notes of aged meats and rosehips framing the spicy lean fruits. Turns a bit more spicy with cinnamon and coriander notes gaining on the palate while adding top notes of limestone and menthol 3
Finishes a touch rustic with austere tannins framing savory, orange pithy fruit, an old wood finale 2+


#218 – Claudio Alario Sorano – 86 pts
Baked goods on the nose, Pasticceria, figgy. Apricot glaze, tight with toasted wheat/baking spice over light notes of oregano, tomato, and older wood 2
Sweet entry with a lean feel and slightly loose quality 2
A touch oxidative in the mouth with layers of preserved meats, salame, over modest but bright fruits 2
Big tannins are drying on the finish with a minty/vitamin tone 2

#219 Giacomo Ascheri Sorano Coste & Bricco – 92pts
 A bit over-ripe smelling but with compelling rose and strawberry scents that are fresh and precise with notes of spicy seeds 2
Lean and fresh in the mouth with lovely balance and poise, excellent tannins 3
Minty and medicinal in the mouth with a lean, sinewy character. A bit closed but with solid wild cherry and rosehip fruit that turns mineral on the backend 3
Finishes crisply with slight mushroomy notes, sottobosco and mineral edges and very long, very fresh sour cherry fruits 3

#220 Giacomo Ascheri Sorano – 88pts
A bit feral on the nose, wiry and lean with a slightly musky quality to the wild rose notes, classic cherry in alcohol aromas have a gently meaty edge, a slight talc top not 3
Balanced in the mouth yet lacking an edge 2
Dark and erthy flavors seems quite closed yet the deep mineral tones bode well for the future 2+
A touch of baked goods on the finish with a minty top not and slightly glassy feel to the shortish finish which hints at tobacco and dreid herbs 2

#221 Bruna Grimaldi Bardina Vigna Regnola – 84pts
A bit of shoe polish greets the nose, hot with marshmallow sugary notes and vanilla scents, a bit of over-ripeness, dried fruits that freshen up a bit, some nice minty/chinato notes that turns more eucalyptus with time 2
A bit dead in the mouth, a bit of an extracted feel here with soft acids and lots of ronded tannins 2
Chinato flavors are brambly and lean towards licorice with leathery notes and hints of cigar ash and shoe polish 2
The finish is minty and short with a bit of tobacco 1
#222 – Cantina Gigi Rosso Arione -  84pts
Chestnutty on the nose with cooked vegetal aromas, cooked bean, a touch of bologna, touch of tomato, touch of maple, complex if weird 2
A bit loose in the mouth, lacks tension 1
A touch of melon flavor with notes of dried herb on the palate in an easy, drinkable styled wine 2
Finishes crisply with a balance of mint and mineral on the fresh finish 2

#223 -  Massolino Vigna Rionda Margheria -  85pts
Very ripoe strawberry fruits on the nose with a cough syrup edge to them, seems simple, hot and over-ripe 1
Soft in the mouth with good acids in an easy style 2
Strong wild strawberry flavors in the mouth with a liquory quality. A bit of mineral pivens things up, good flavors if a bit staight forward 2+
Cool and crisp on the finish with apple-y acids and a slightly balsamic note of candle wax on the finale 2

#224 – Gemma – 89pts
A touch dirty on the nose but richly scented with tobacco and chinato herbs, very rootbeer/sassafras with aggressive mineral notes of sandy earth, mica. Distinctive 3+
Very bright in the mouth with light, gentle tannins, very linear 2
Light frutti di boschi with an earthy herbal tinge that leans toward the medicinal, lovely if simple 2+Finishes cleanly with simply liquory fruits 2

#225 – Cascina Cucco Vigna Cucco – 86pts
A bit of poptart on the nose with a it’s slightly toasty, slighty baking spice edge yields to simply, slightly liquory fruit with and earthy, woodsy edge 2
Soft in the mouth with a friendly, slightly chewy feel 2
Low intensity flavors are earthy with cherry pit fruit 2
Short and pleasant finish, easy 2

#226 – Cascina Cucco Cerrati – 91pts
Very pleasantly scented nose with rosehips, a small bologna note, subtle floral edges to the medicinally tinged red cherry fruits 3
Nice in the mouth with a balanced ripe feel and nice tension 3
Dark flavors are rich with licorice and mineral notes, a touch of oaky coffee grinds adds complexity to the spicy, wild boysenberry fruits 2+
Finishes a bit drying with baking spice balanced by the mineral and earthy tones 2

#227 – Luigi Pira Vigna Margheria – 86pts
A bit of baked goods on the nose which offers slightly stewy fruit and light mineral/talc/rainwater nuances with a menthol topnote, not entirely giving 2
Drying and austere in the moth with a brittle tired feel 2
Dark fruits with cigar tobacco notes, dried cherry and bitter mineral/medicinal tones 2
The drying finish is a touch extracted and a touch woody. Very ordinary 2

#228 – Cascina Luisin  Leon -  88pts
Very ripe on the nose with a touch of vanilla, gentle woodiness is balanced by the jammy, earthy berry fruit, a very fruity nose 2
Medium to medium full in the mouth with balanced acids and tannins 2+
Truffly fruit with a spicy minty core of dark, unsweetened cherry preserves and bittersweet cocoa shavings, just the slightest herbal edge 2+
Finishes more on the herbal side with wild cherry fruits in a nice, brisk, long finish 2+

#229 – Brovia Ca Mia – 90pts
 Shy on the nose with subtle rosehips, ripe herbs, layered with dried strawberry and dry soil tones 3
Gentle and elegant in the mouth, caressing and elegant 2
Tight, lovely rosehip core with slight dried soil, dried herb edges to the small red fruits, slight drying apple peels perfume in the mouth 2
Very crisp on the finish with a high toned appeal that blends the dried red currant notes with edges of slightly spicy dried meats/speck, very long finish 3

#230 – Palladino Vigna Broglio – 91pts
Lovely minty, tea, chinato scented nose with sweet black cherry notes underneath, very precocious with tons of lemon, fresh herb and complex almost middle eastern spice notes 4
Bright in the mouth with crisp tannins in a fresh, easy style 2
Lovely green herbal notes in the mouth with a cactus note up front, bright perfectly ripe fruits are layered and complex with notes of anise and mineral adding complexity 2+
Very fresh on the finish with appley fruit and an aggressive, raw quality 2

#231 – Palladino Serralunga – 85pts
Lovely clean mineral nose with mineral water tones, alpine flowers in a clear, strict nose that offers up dusty sottobosco notes to the fine raspberry fruit, a small tobacco note 3
Lose and a touch soft if friendly 2
Flavors exhibit an oxidative edge to them with a nutty quality and are a touch dirty 1
Finishes with rustic, drying tannins framing nice if lowkey fruit 1+

#232 – Rivetto dal 1902 Giulin – 86pts
Bologna and wet dog on the nose, a bit shallow yet emerging limestone and roasted fruit notes are interesting, has an almost gewurtztraiminer like spicy floral tone and a touch of honey and sweet wood 2
Soft and slightly chewy in the mouth 2
Seared wild cherry fruit and a touch of vanilla, simple but nice 2
Fineshes with a nice herbal note and good freshness, perfectly ordinary 2

#233 Mauro Sebaste Prapo -  90pts
Citrussy on the nose with a wonderful oolong note that is joined by unusual if appealing notes of almod, caper, and penetrating complex vegetal tones 3
A bit easy in the mouth but with good focus and nice grab on the back end 2+
Flavors are a bit stewy with dark fruit notes that recall boysenberry/huckleberry preserves with a slight cocoa edge, moderately intense 2+
Finishes with lots of velvety tannins, darkly fruited with an almond edge and a long mineral finale 2+

#234 – Paolo Manzone Meriame – 78 pts
Sulphury, dirty, leathery, stinky nose 1
Soft and flaccid in the mouth 2
Apple core flavors with a cyanide/chemical edge 1
Finishes short and aggressive 1

#235 – Paola Manzone Serralunga -  85pts
A bit shallow but sweetly fruited with a sandy note, a touch weird, quite medicinal and menthol but with a faint chemical note 1+
Easy in the mouth with good acidity and soft, well managed tannins 2
Soft flavors of roasted cherry/cherry lozenge are simple and easy but with nice purity 2
Finishes with nice tannins in a fresh, slightly herbal/treebarky way, refreshing 2

#236 – Ca Rome Vigna Cerretta – 91pts
 Gravelly and dusty on the nose with rich wild berry fruits, fresh and slightly herbal with a whiff of shoe polish and a touch hot though the strong violet notes come through, again a touch of passionfruit, but ok a bit too woody but the excellent raw materials shine through 3+
Easy and bright in the mouth with drying woody tannins 2
Lovely flavors pit the gently herbal/bitter salad green notes against the lovely wild berry notes, adds some green walnut, limestone, and mint grace notes 3
Big and powerful with a very aggressive finish 2
Excellent fruit, could use more thought

#237 – Fontanafredda La Rosa – 89pts
The nose is redolent of sweet tobacco with wild raspberry and nettle nuances, a touch simple but the preserved flowers gain in the glass 2+
Soft and easy verging on a touch flaccid 2
Slight herbal flavors with notes of drying grass and cigarette toabacco that or low key and focused, the gentle fruit is very lean 2+
Finishes very strongly with mint, herbal and medicinal tone to the slightly confected cherry fruit, long 3

#238 – Fontanafredda Serralunga – 78pts
Very floral nise, aggressive green, raw wood note, stewy yet astringent 1
Heavy in the mouth with a nasty green, astringent note 1
Green and bitter 1
Painfully long finish 21

#239 – Eredi di Virginia Ferrero San Rocco – 80pts
The nose is dirty with tootsie roll, plastic and VA notes, a ball of defects 0
Fresh and crisp feel with nice tannins 2
Oxidized in the mouth with chestnut, dried meat, and dried apple notes 1
Drying and rustic on the finish yet with appealing mineral/menthol notes 2

#240 – Guido Porro Vigna Lazzairasco – 93pts
While low key the nose is complete with gently smoky, earthy, funghi notes followed by a little nettle and spinach than rounded out with strong myrtle and mulberry notes, all with a sharp, stoney top note 4
Lithe and elegant in the mouth with good refreshing acidity and nice rounded tannins, strong and drinkable 3
Slightly under-ripe raspberry fruit in the mouth with gentle medicinal herb edges and a zesty mineral tone 2+
Finishes just a touch drying with a savory core of ripe green fruits, medium length with a slightly rustic, astrinbgent edge 2+pts

#241 – Guido Porro Vigna S. Caterina – 93pts
Aromatically a bit heavy with musky macerated flowers and peach jam notes, deep and layered with very fresh fruit but a bit of raw wood 3
Excellent mouthfeel, balanced and seamless 3+
Low key flavors offer up dark bitter cherry notes with slight oily herb/stemmy edge, a bit blocky and monolithic but balanced 3
A bit woody on the finish with sottobosco/funghi tones and excellent length 2+

#242 – Luigi Baudana Cerretta – 87pts
Very intensely aromatic with wild jammy fruit and strong toasted oak/coffee cream notes, a bit feral but very spicy, another example of excellent fruit covered by heavy oak use 2
A bit extracted in the mouth, lacks energy and the tannins are tough 2
Coffee bean and oak flavors up front yield to dark very concentrated fruits with a strong medicinal character, again great fruit but forced 2+
Finishes very dry and aggressive with great fruit notes competing with spicy,toasty oak tones, perhaps the cellar will help 2

#243 – Luigi Baudana Baudana – 89pts
A touch jammy on the nose with a spicy/stemmy quality that gets some lift from a touch of VA. Dusty and tobacco scented 3
Big in the mouth with softish tannins and fine acidity 2+
Strong amarena cherry fruit is edged with melon rind. Earthy and simple but with good purity 2+
Drying and a touch extracted on the shortish finish with appley acids and a long if minor herb finale 2

#244 – Ettore Germano Prapo -  86pts

Heavy and sweet on the nose with a bit of new wood sticking out, great purity of fruit, smells almost like an 03 2
Heavy and weighty in the mouth, pretty tight at this point 2
Dark, dank, and closed 2
Short on the finish and a touch hot 2

#245 – Ettore Germano Cerretta -  85pts
Wiry in the mouth with chestnutty/tobacco tones and hints of seaweed, touch of VA, lacks a bit of intensity 2
Furry tannins in the mouth make this a bit chewy and it’s a bit too tough 1+
Lovely melon rind and apple peel notes, almost a touch of kiwi fruit in it’s astringent profile, a bit of cocoa and even a bit of nuttiness add depth and complexity 2
Tough and drying on the finish with good legth and pure fruit 2

#246 – Pio Cesare Ornato – 84pts
Barriquey, campfire, pencil lead, a touch animal, what the hell ? 1
Good acids and crisp tannins in a fresh package 2
Lots of coffee on the palate with dark raspberry fruit, like a box of chocolates, thin mints 2
Very powerful finish with loads of minty dried fruit once one gets past the oaken spice and toast 2

#247 – Giovanni Rosso Serralunga -  93pts
Fresh with intense rose notes, fresh herbs, a touch of green/menthol, lovely wild berry fruits and a little fughi note 3+
Fresh and bright in the mouth with a caressing elegance and soft tannins 3
A touch of tobacco up front followed by small berry fruits, light soil tones and minor green tea/herbal notes 3
Refreshing finish with cool red berry notes , a touch simple 2+

Various Commune

#248 – Pio Cesare – 82pts
Coffee, coffee, coffee toasted oak on the nose 1
A touch dead and blocky in the mouth 2
Wiry fruit with notes of mint, bitter salad greens and cinnamon framing the dark fruit 2
Drying and tough finish is short 1

#249 Massolino Vigna Rionda Riserva 2002 – 89pts

Smoky and savory on the nose with earthy, bresaola notes, a touch shallow yet with bright macerated rose and dried herb tones 2
Big in the mouth with a billowy softness, polished 2+
Liquory raspberry fruit with sottobosco, treebark, and wild mushroom nuances 2+
Drying and a bit tough on the finish which is a bit short with nice mineral and herbal components 2

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