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AWE 2005 Barbaresco
Wednesday May 7 2008
Barbareso 2005

12) Adriano Marco e Vittorio – Sanadaive – 90pts
The nose here is really high-toned and craggy with sharp notes of sand, glass, animal skin, herb and earth 2+
Ripe in the mouth with lots of sot tannins and a polished feel 2+
Lovely wild berry, wild raspberry fruit with dry, sandy soil tones, spicy herbs, arugula and a suggestion of tea 3
Finishes long and full of spicy herbs with matte, dark fruit 2+

13) – Piazzo Armando – Sori Fratin – 85pts
Smoky tones on the nose recall dried earth and cow patty with a slight tobacco/dried herb edge, turning more tobacco 2+
Light and fresh in the mouth but lacking a bit of energy 1+
Monotone in the mouth with slightly herbal cherry/raspberry jammy fruit 2
Finishes a touch astringent with dusty, gravelly tones, good, rustic yet pure 2

14) – Molino Fratelli – Teorema – 89pts
Great aromatics with rose petal yielding to intense blackberry/black cherry fruit with complicating notes of menthol, limestone and alpine wildflowers 3+
Elegant in the mouth but lacking a bit of life, soft with round acidity and soft tannins 2
Fleshy fruit is a bit spicy and dark with slightly bitter cherry notes 2
Finishes with a touch of sweetness to the bright, fresh berry fruit and menthol finale 2+


15)_ Cascina Morassino – Ovello – 90pts
A tarry note yields to earth layered with a roasted strawberry edge. Licorice and a small rose note add complexity 2+
Good weight and richness in the mouth with very good integration 2+
Dark and tight in the mouth with deep cherry fruit a touch of bitter cocoa and notes of mineral and herb 3
Lovely tannins on the finish which ends on a refreshing green herb note, a touch short but very correct 2+

16) – Cascina Morasino – Morassino – 92pts
A lovely nose with cherry in alcohol, smoky, earthy and a spicy porcini top note 2+
A touch viscous in the mouth with nicely balanced refreshing tannins and good supporting acidity 2+
Enters with a lovely green herb flourish leading to a bitter orange rind note then ripe frutti di bosco midpalate with hints of mineral and anise. 3
A long, crisp finish packed with ripe tannins and clean and precise cherry/cherry pit fruit 3

17) _ Moccagatta – Bric Balin – 90pts
Fleshy, meaty and leathery on the nose with a green floral/spearmint top note and deep tones of iron rich mineral water 2+
Lithe and elegant in the mouth with soft tannins and bright acidity 2+
A very spicy profile with notes of celery seed, anise seed, green cardamom accenting amarena cherry fruit, lovely balance of flavors 3
Long and pure on the finish with notes of chinato and super –ripe dark fruits, a bit of spicy oak on the finale 2+

18) – Castello di Verduno – Rabaja – 92pts
Very clean and fresh on the nose with seared cherry, hot rocks, and subtle sassafras tones 2+
Superb balance in the mouth with great integration and energy 3+
Richly fruited in the mouth with strawberry fruit, clean tar notes, almost a roast meat note leading to dark, earthy berries on the back end 3
Finishes briskly with notes of rust and meat, very long, tannins a bit tough 2+

19) – Rocca Albino – Vigneto Brich Ronchi – 85pts
Sweet on the nose with gingerbread and cherry jam notes, a touch of herb helps liven it up but this is monotone if deep 2
Matte and extracted in the mouth 1+
Well managed in the mouth with lots of power but little complexity to the dark cherry fruit with it’s arugula/mineral undertones 2
Drying and extracted on the finish, this will need time, potential if rustic 2

20) – Rocca Albino – Vigneto Loreto – 91pts
Excellent freshness with a pure wild cherry note, rosehips, fresh salad greens, slightly smoky and mineral with a strong underlay of leather 3
Fresh with good acidity, bright and juicy with fresh tannins 2+
Fairly tight in the mouth with strawberry fruit, baker’s cocoa, mineral tones, and a citrusy top note 2+
Excellent length on the finish with its darker cherry tones and rich spice notes finishing with a melony finale 3

21) – Chiarlo Michele _ Asili – 85pts
Old woody on the nose with gently tones of smoke, roasting nuts and ranier cherry. A bit of bay leaf and campfire in the background 2
A touch of sweetness on entry is followed by rustic tannins and good acidity, needs time to integrate 2
Not particularly complex but nice licorice tinged strawberry fruit is a bit low intensity with its touch of creamy espresso foam2
The clean, woody finish is a touch short 1+

22) – Rinaldi Franceso & Figli – 85pts
Jammy and roasted with alcohol poking out a bit. Rustic and walnutty 2
A touch hollow in the mouth with soft tannins and a loose, flat feel 1+
The roasted cherry fruit is light and clean but lacks depth 2
Best on the moderately long finish with it’s herbal tinged cherry fruit 2

23) – Cascina Luisin  -Rabaja – 90 pts
Gingerbread and citrus blossom greet the nose followed by cherry toned fruit that is just a touch spicy and jammy with a peachy top note 2+
Clean in the mouth in a ripe yet tautly focused style, strict and almost austere 2+
Good cherry/cherry pit fruit, very fresh and precise flavors with a slight autumnal top note 3
Very refreshing on the finish with a cleansing quality to the lovely tannin and a moderately long, old woody and spicy finale 2+

24) – Cascina Vallegranda - Ca del Bosco – 85pts
Flat and sugary on the nose with toasty oaky notes 1
Sweetly fruited entry followed by a round, matte feeling and ponderous volume 2
Flavors of dark confiture of strawberry fill the mouth with their spicy edges. Some herbal tones add freshness, good depth and a citrusy/floral top note emerges 2+
Very drying tannins mar the finish, lots of fleshy fruit but very structured and hard. Reveals a lovely chinato note on the finish, may improve 2+

25) – Montaribaldi – Sori Montaribaldi – 93pts
The nose is unusual with it’s bloody, rosemary, roast meat character that adds dark tones of licorice and charcoal. Not particularly fruity or varietal but intriguing 2+
Balanced in the mouth with a sense of seamless richness yielding to an expansive, broad impression 3
A bit tight in the mouth though the reticent, slightly smoky tones of seared berry fruit emerge slowly adding tarry, licorice spiced tones 3
Finishes very strong with lots of tannin but they are not particularly drying and the leathery amarena fruit adds a floral tone on the long finish.  Very traditional feeling even if marked by oak, for laying down 3+

26) – Montaribaldi – Palazzina – 85pts
The aromatics are a bit low key with anise, hay, burnt hay, cherry, and oak notes 1+
Soft feel even though the acids are quite pronounced, a bit lacking in breadth 2
Leathery and citrusy in the mouth with light red berry fruit that has a slight bitter almond edge, a touch chalky and with a good floral top note 2+
Finishes with a good burst of fruit on the back end with a sweet licorice finale 2

27) Cantina del Pino – 89pts
Offers up superb minerality with strong limestone tones adding depth to the fleshy, meaty tones A touch matte but freshly fruited 2+
Correct in the mouth with a round, well managed feel 2+
Lovely cherry fruit up front supported by strong acidity that offers an appealing sweet-tart quality. A touch simple but with a slight medicinal/candy ludens edge 2+
A touch austere and astringent on the finish, which turns even more medicinal, and slightly rusty/mineral tinged, great length and good potential for improvement 2+

28) – Boffa Carlo – Casot – 86pts
A bit dirty on the nose with a rubbery edge to the feral, savory nose with it’s peppery, salami tones 2
Elegant and refreshing in the mouth with gentle, brisk tannins 2
Solid midpalate flavors of red plum are edged in nuanced dry herb/hay tones and a menthol top note 2
Simple but nice on the finish which is a touch short 2

29) – Boffa Carlo – Vitalotti – 81pts
Light aromatics are dry and earthy with a bit of poop and some emerging bretty tones 1+
Soft and low energy in the mouth 1+
The earthy flavors of roasted strawberry are a bit hollow 1+
Better on the finish but the tannins dominate the low intensity flavors 1+

30) – Poderi Colla – Roncaglie – 89pts
Lovely and aromatic notes of tea, bergamot, violet, menthol and strawberry all vie for attention. 3
A bit sweet on entry with good acidity and ripe tannins keeping everything refreshing 2+
Earthy tones of dried herb and hay add depth to the sapid, wild strawberry fruit, a touch of old wood 2+
Finishes brisk with slightly rustic tannins, dried herbs, strawberry seeds and a menthol note 2

31) – Ca Rome – Maria di Brun – 87pts
High toned yet curiously sweet on the nose with notes of wheat and shoe polish. Adds a quartzy minerality and light pipe tobacco note to the strawberry jam fruit 2+
Very relaxed in the mouth yet expansive with good acidity and structured tannins 2+
A touch shallow but with fresh raspberry/strawberry fruit tones and a touch of almond extract, could be a bit more complex 2+
Clean and very long if a bit monotone with a finale of toasty spice 2

32) – Giacosa Carlo – Montefico – 91pts
High toned and vegetal with tons of bitter greens and strong mineral tones over a deeply layered base of smoky fruit 3
Real freshness in the mouth with a balanced elegant feel 2+
Deep yet somewhat reticent notes of frutti di bosco, jammy, slightly feral and a bit hard with green and pollen high notes 2+
Excellent finish with its hard candy quality to the mineral tinged fruit. A touch of herb then it gets clipped by the encroaching tannins. Very solid 3

33) Marchesi di Gresy – Martinenga -86pts
Sweetly fruited on the nose with tones of dried flowers and licorice 2
Fluid and gentle in the mouth, without real grab but seamless 2
Good purity to the candied strawberry flavors but lacks complexity 2
Clean and fresh on the finish yet without anything distinguishing 2

34) – Bruno Rocca _ Rabaja – 86pts
Coffee and shoe polish dominate the nose with its accents of roast beef, roast herb, and cola. Adds a bit of old wood as well 2
A bit loose but in a nice, gentle way with a well managed, easy feel 2
Dark and with a bitter edge t the toasty, oaken spice notes.  Not a lot of fruit here but nice notes of tobacco, licorice and a ouch of green herb 2
Finishes a touch short with it’s slightly bitter character accentuated by drying tannins though it does reveal a nice wild cherry note on its finale 2

35) La Ca’Nova _- Montestafano 87pts
A touch stemmy, dirty barrel notes but complex layers of strawberry, mineral, chalk, cigarette ash, nettle, good transparency 3
Light and elegant in the mouth with soft tannins but lowish acidity 2
Very rose scented in the mouth with peachy/apricoty tones to the light red berry fruit. A touch of Asian spice and arugula adds complexity 2+
A touch drying with austere tannins, a rose and rose hip scented finale 1+

36) – Cascina delle Rose – Rio Sordo – 87pts
A touch of caramel greets the nose followed by savory and sweet notes, roasted strawberry, menthol and light pipe tobacco 2+
Sweet fruit on the entry, good acidity, nice tannins are a touch rustic 2
Earth flavors with notes of tobacco and seashells 2
More tobacco on the finish with notes of drying herbs edge the long ranier cherry tones of the finish 2+

37) – Produttori del Barbaresco – 94pts
Cherry in alcohol, lovely bright fruit with a nice layered quality to the complicating notes of smoke, herb, anise and balsamic incense. A touch of gingerbread 3+
Great balance as the wine sits erect and broad in the mouth with a lovely tannin acid balance 3
Nicely pure quality to the cherry pit/ bitter cherry fruit with its notes of mineral, earth, funghi and menthol. Great transparency 3+
Great bitter fruit finish with mouth grabbing tannins 2+

38) Terre da Vino – La Casa in Collina - 87pts
A touch shallow and closed on the nose but slowly reveals a base of black scents, shoe polish, nut shells, dark sticky fruit 2
Sweetly fruited entry is followed by a wave of fruit with structure almost concealed, big and round in the mouth if a bit amorphous 2+
Fruity with big obvious fruit and gentle suggestions of tobacco and funghi 2
Finishes very nicely with bitter cherry tones and lots of fruit tannin. A big, popular, gulpable style  2

39) – Prunotto – 87pts
A touch feral on the nose with nice leathery tones, a touch of salame and a base of sandy minerality 2
Pure, light and elegant in the mouth with soft tannins and good, if slightly hard, acidity 2+
The amarena cherry fruit is light, lithe and elegant with a touch of bitter almond and some nice bitter green notes adding complexity 2+
Finishes briskly with a slightly rustic feel to the long finish 2

40) Filippino Domenico – Sori Capelli – 83pts
A touch pruny and woody/woodsy on the nose with oak flooring and damp tobacco notes 2
Big and chewy in the mouth, leather, a touch hollow a touch hot 1+
Darkly fruited with slightly spicy, cocoa tinged notes to the dried strawberry and orchard fruit tones. A bit walnutty oak 2
Hot and minty on the finish with green tannins 1

41) – Filippino Domenico – San Cristoforo – 87pts
The nose is very gentle but pretty with its light cherry fruit and huge rose note 2+
Gentle and round in the mouth with no obvious structure 2
Easy strawberry fruit with subtle notes of rose, leather, and light spice tones adding a bit of depth. Simple but enjoyable2
Easy on the finish with menthol and mineral tinged light cherry notes 2

42) – Giacosa Fratelli – Basarin – 87pts
Jammy strawberry tones on the nose are flecked with rye seed notes, a touch of caraway and moderately intense balsamic and fudge nuances. 2
Big in the mouth if a bit soft with good fruit tannin but lowish acidity 2
Easy in the mouth with nice dark cherry fruit that has a slightly toasty/roasty quality to it edged with earthy notes and a hint of bitter almond 2+
The long but very focused with precise yet small fruit tones 2

43) Giacosa Fratelli – Basarin Vigna Gian Matte – 89pts
High-toned cherries in alcohol shows some heat. A touch herbal/autumnal/sottobosco notes add depth to the fresh lingonberry/red berried fruit that features a bit of aggressive limestone top notes 2+
Elegant in the mouth with good flavor intensity on a lightweight frame with very fine tannins and bright acidity 2+
Bright strawberry/golden raspberry fruit with a dark cigar wrapper edge, dark moist earth, and forest after a rain edge flavors 2+
Very clean finish with licorice and light vitamin notes adding complexity to the amarena cherry fruit, a lovely beeswax/orange blossom finale 2+

44) – Moccagatta – Basarin – 85pts
Tarry and fumy on the nose with a slight tropical fruit/papaya/passion fruit quality to the musky spice notes. Bit of citron/citron peel quality as well 1+
Very smooth and refined in the mouth but lacking some acidity 2
Dark and very mineral toned on the attack before yielding to citrusy/musky tones that incorporate dry, earth baking spices and slightly animal tones. 2
Dry and earth on the finish with some nice forest floor tones giving way to a vanilla tinged finale 2

45) – Negro Angelo & Figli – Basarin – 90pts
A deep, slightly pruny nose of fully ripe fruit with a sharp mineral underlay and notes of sweet licorice, baking spices, and a big floral top note all adding interest 3
Soft and expansive in the mouth in a rich, brooding, and extracted style 2+
A bit too much espresso oak up front then licorice and candied cherry fruit notes full the mouth in a big yet balanced package that turns a bi drying and slightly bitter on the back end 2+
The medium length finish if full of cocoa, menthol and earthy notes to the slightly medicinal cherry fruit 2+
Totally not my style but there is great appeal here

46) – Adriano Marco & Vittorio – Basarin – 85pts
Limestone at first than a bit lactic and woody giving the cherry fruit a pop-tart edge. Oatmealy and toasty 2
Soft and sweetly fruited in the mouth if a bit matte 2
Lovely arugula note on entry then fruit hidden, tight and unexpressive 2
Drying tannins and a woody finish 1+

47) – Oddero – Gallina – 86pts
Tight and not revealing much though the slightly herbal dried strawberry tones are nice 2
A bit clumsy in the mouth, very ripe but still fresh with good acidity and angular tannins 2
Enters with a bit of green ivy/bay leaf, moderate depth of flavor, dark and tight 2
Drying tannins accent the savory, dark, earthy, slightly chinato fruit. A hint of vanilla on the finale 2

48) – Battaglio -87pts
A touch of VA adds lift to the sandalwood aromas, lots of tea/greentea/camomille notes float above a base of sweet, toasty spice 2+
Nicely cool in the mouth with a very resolved feel to the tannins 2
Fresh but sweet berry fruit but without any depth or complexity though a bit of typical licorice and menthol adding some movement 2
A bit autumnal on the medium length finish. Nothing wrong here 2

49) – La Contea _ Ripa Sorita – 90pts
Musky and damp with old cave notes, gentle rocky and dusty with notes of macerated flowers, strong violet pastille notes and a slightly medicinal edge 3
Erect and fresh in the mouth with no excess, lean and in balance 2+
Earthy with a slightly rustic array of flavors deep in the herb/tea range adding interest to the dark, bitter berry fruit with notes of beet root and arugula 2+
Finishes with an elegance to the berry and earth notes, just a touch short but very nice 2+

50) – Punset – 87pts
Virtually a salad in a glass with herbal, smoky tones of salad greens, speck, black pepper, all over a stinky core of dirty. Very unusual but appealing in its own special way 3
Easy and gentle in the mouth 2
Very vegetal flavors recall the nose with notes of salame, rich earth, and feral undertones 2
A bit touch on the finish with its green tannins 1+

51) – Punset – Campo Quadro – 89pts
Lightly fleshy on the nose with earthy, gently medicinal, treebark tones to the reticent red cherry fruit. Subtle yet complex if low intensity 2+
Sweetly fruited entry but not vulgar with a balanced, elegant feel and nice tannins 2+
Light, elegant and layered in the mouth with sandy/earthy edges to the bitter, almost blackberry like fruit 3
A bit short but finishing with low intensity yet well integrated flavors 2

52) – Cascina Luisin – Sori Paolin – 80pts
A bit porty on the nose with noticeable heat to the pruny, gingerbready nose 1+
Hot, hollow and drying in the mouth 1
Darkly fruited with dried fruit, dried strawberry, coffee, and milk chocolate tones in the mouth. 2
Finishes hot and lean 1

53) – Antichi Poderi dei Gallina – Vigneto’L Ciaciaret Gallina – 86pts
A low intensity nose but very typical with balanced notes of rose and wild cherry 2
Cool and soft in the mouth, a touch too easy 2
This has a nice herbal/medicinal edge to the amarena cherry fruit but comes off as nice, clean and not ‘serious” 2
Finishes with a slightly bitter/licorice edge. A nice wine for lunch 2

54) – Bonino Romano _ Basarin -81pts
A weird nose combine nice Nebbiolo typicity with peanuts and cola 1+
Ripe and surprisingly well balanced with a natural and elegant mouthfeel 3
Boiled peanuts and lumber, pine and ivy 1
Finishes with more of the nasty green streak 0

55) – Barale Fratelli – Serra Boella -92pts
Cherry in alcohol, licorice, minty, really pretty and typical with good intensity, lovely herb and seaside accents, a touch saline 3
Powerful and balanced in the mouth with a seamless, lush feel 3
Pure small berry, wild berry fruit in the mouth accented by bitter earth, tar, and mineral nuances 3
Finishes with good purity to the cherry fruit, moderate length and a bit simple 2

56) – Tenuta San Mauro – 83pts
Another weird nose starting off with promising notes of treebark then turning sweet but not fruity, treacle, cola then herbs, mint and vanilla before setting in to a 3 musketeers candy bar groove 1+
A bit stripped feeling in the mouth, lean with good acidity and lots of tannin 1+
Easy chocolate covered strawberry fruit in the mouth, not complex 2
A short, uncomplicated finish with a touch of sweet licorice. 2

57) – Sarotto Roberto – Gaia Principe – 86pts
A bit of VA on the nose lifts the wiry, iron rich aromatics above the small core of amarena fruit. Nice notes of sandalwood, chamomile, and medicinal herbs add complexity 2+
Medium full, balanced with crisp tannins 2
Biter espresso notes on entry, dark and gamy cherry fruit. Almost sour. A bit dirty, dusty with an old dried funghi note 2+
Old school style with drying, rusty, aggressive tannins 1+

58) – Rivetti Massimo – Froi – 87pts
Very nice if compact with a touch of fudgy/confiture to the frutti di bosco notes. Good fresh red-berried fruit emerge with a bright floral top note and just a hint of wood flooring 3
Very smooth and polished in the mouth, a bit dead in the mouth 1+
Dark cherry with bitter licorice tones, decent intensity if not complex 2
Moderate length to the finish, nice and clean, adds some interest with notes of mint/floral/and honeycomb. 2+

59) – Sottimano  - Cotta – 86pts
More bitter almond/medicinal toned than most, limestony, almost alkaline smelling, tight with a menthol topnote, very chemical/mineral over dark black raspberry jam. Unusual but interesting 2+
Lively in the mouth yet very dense and even chewy. Big with round tannins 2+
Dark and treebarky with competing sottobosco and chocolate tones over the spicy, minerally fruit. 2
Drying finish is oaky 1+

60) – Sottimano  - Curra – 91pts
Elegant and layered on the nose with deep amarena cherry fruit, talc, prosciutto, subtle but complex with lovely notes of dried rosemary and spearmint 3+
Lithe in the mouth with softish acidity and cool crisp tannins 2+
Rich bitter cherry fruit with notes of mineral rich biter greens, cocoa, funghi and prosciutto al adding complexity 2+
Lovely long finish turns a bit mentholy and the tannins start to grip adding focus 2+

61) – Ressia Fabrizio – Canova – 86pts
A simple nose that has herbal and smoky notes over a minty core 2
A touch too sweet up front but balanced 2
Lovely light green tea and herb notes frame the strawberry fruit 2
Finishes with a cool, crisp feel and a touch of earthiness 2

62) – Cascina Saria –  85pts
The nose is clean yet monotone with woody, cherry fruit 2
Nicely balanced with good focus in the mouth 2
A sweet raspberry entry yields to a dark, spicy mid-palate of chocolate covered cordial cherry fruit 2
Bitter tannins mar the finish 1+

63) – Rinaldi Pietro - Vigna San Cristoforo – 89pts
Fresh and herbal tones greet the nose with notes of earth, dark cherry fruit, mineral, funghi, and piercing spearmint adding depth 3
Sweetly fruited but the cutting acid keeps it light on it’s feet 2+
Low intensity flavors are earthy with tobacco and treebark notes to the sour yellow cherry fruit. Lightly spicy as well. Again that acidity might be too much for some 2+
Finishes on the rustic side yet with admirably purity and focus 2

64) – Fontanabianca – Sori Burdin – 89pts
Great pure raspberry fruit on the nose with a slightly animal edge over tarry, sandy notes and top notes of iron rich greens 3
Balanced and cool in the mouth though lacking a bit of energy 2
Lovely medicinal tinged fruit and subtle Middle Eastern spice notes add interest to the bitter cherry tones 2+
Long, flesh finish is richly fruited and really lingers with good complexity 2+

65) – La Spinetta  - Versu Vigneto Starderi – 81pts
A weird tropical fruit nose of passion fruit/kiwi/and pineapple married to coffee 1
Soft in the mouth with no discernable structure 1
A bitter espresso entry is joined by low-key medicinal cherry fruit 2
The finish is drying and very short 1+
Thursday May 8

66) – Rizzi -Pajore – 89pts
Very fresh rose scented nose, rose stem, wild strawberry fruit with nuances of earth and leather and a bit of dusty mineral 3
Nice and elegant in the mouth though the tannins are a touch angular 2
Subtle cherry/strawberry fruit with notes of sappy/oily herbs and gentle mineral tones 2+
Finishes a bit short with good purity of fruit and emerging complexity 2

67) – Rizzi – Nervo Fondetta – 90pts
The nose here is slightly reticent with a spicy, balsamic core of fruit, a touch of rose hip then dark and heavy floral notes 2+
Though a bit tight this has a fleshy feel with ripe tannins good supporting acidity and nice integration 2+
The dark cherry fruit shows good purity with mineral and menthol tones and a nice floral top note 2+
Lovely cherry pit fruit on the finish has an aggressive mineral/limestone tone that is refreshing and long with a juicy, sour cherry finale 3

68) - Molino Fratelli – Ausario – 84pts
Tight and brooding nose with a touch of VA, revealing gentle notes of nettle and vanilla 2
Nice and bright n entry but leading to a wall of tough, drying tannins, too tannic 1+
A touch bitter up front with baked/roasted dark cherry fruit notes backed up by some baker’s cocoa 2
Finish is short and simple 2

69) – Cascina Vallegrande Ca del Baio – Valgrande – 89pts
Low intensity but attractive blend of dusty rose, mineral, olive brine, and caper scents adding complexity to the raspberry tones 3
Cool in the mouth yet with a sense of ripeness, less weighty but with good intensity 2+
Green olive tones upfront yield to amarena cherry fruit and attractive inner mouth perfume 2+
The finish is complex with mineral and floral tones leaning toward chamomile and savory tone, just a bit short at this stage 2

70) Pelissero - Nubiola – 86pts
A tropical frit nose, passion fruit, very high toned spicy tropical fruits, doughy and cakey with touched of beef and charcoal. Shows a bit of heat 1+
Very nice tannins in the mouth, ripe with good acidity, suave 2+
Dark fruit in the mouth with a slight medicinal edge to the candied fruit. Has a bi t of dried herb/tobacco to it and a nice astringent tone 2+
Finishes on that astringent note with light cherry pit fruit and some fudgy/cakey aspects 2

71) – Rivetto dal 1902 – Ce’Vanin – 86pts
Good intensity to the earthy, sandy tones on the nose with green olive and caper notes that are joined by lightly smoke tones 2+
Light and lithe in the mouth with soft tannins and good acidity 2
Low intensity in the mouth with some red berried fruit up front then a touch of green tobacco before adding green melon rind on the back end 2
Finishes short with some green tannin 1+

72) – Abrigo Orlando – Rocche Meruzzano – 81pts
The nose is dominated by toasty new oak and charcoal though it adds some sour and meaty notes 1
Lithe yet flaccid in the mouth though packed with polished tannins 1+
Dark and cocoa rich with a tight core of compressed berry fruit 2
Finishes bitter and cherry full of toasty oak and not short enough 1

73) – Abrigo Orlando -  Vigneto Montersino – 85pts
A reticent nose with oak and fruit in balance, a touch of candied sweetness 2
Matte in the mouth but with good acidity and ok freshness, a touch drying 2
Monolithic and blocky in the mouth with bitter cocoa and melon tones to the cherry fruit 2
Drying on the finish with a strong maduro tobacco not though a touch roasted with charred nutty tones 1+

74) – Ada Nada – Valeirano – 91pts
Fleshy and intense on the nose with spicy floral tones, limestone notes and light cherry fruit all framed with gentle linzer torte toasty/nutty elements 3
Fresh and focused in the mouth with elegant tannins and a good medium bodied feel 2+
The flavors are layered with notes of hay, licorice, spicy and medicinal herbs over amarena fruit, a touch earthy and rustic 2+
Lovely finish with pure, light red berry fruits, medium length with a slight drying edge and light baking spice notes 3

75) – Ada Nada – Cichin – 91pts
Big fleshy fruit on the nose is a touch herbal with a hint of VA. Rocky riverbed notes and whiffs of spring water add to the fresh aromatics 3
A touch fat and languid in the mouth with very well managed tannin 2
Slightly herbal/spicy herbal in the mouth with a gentle bitter edge to the dried strawberry fruit that add nuances of dried flowers and balsamic tones 3
The finish gains sweet fruit notes with a medicinal lozenge edge and a touch of peach on the shortish finale 2+

76) – Pertinace – Vigneto Marcarini – 85pts
A bit woody at first with some black olive notes before turning decidedly more sottobosco with slight funghi tones with musk and menthol top notes 2
Nice and light in the mouth with integrated acidity and lowish tannins even if they are a bit tough 2+
Fresh on the entry with green herb and citrus notes over small toned amarena cherry fruit 2
A bit tight on the finish, rustic and short with a tutti frutti finale 1+

77) Pertinace – Vigneto Nervo – 86pts
Somewhat low key on the nose with light mineral salad green tones, cigarette tobacco, a touch of prosciutto and menthol over moderate wild cherry fruit 2+
A touch dead in the mouth, really could use more structure 1+
Good fruit in the mouth with moderate intensity, not complex 2
Finishes fresh and a touch austere with good flavor intensity and excellent length but again seems to be lacking a bit of heft here 2+

78) – Vigin – Noemy – 87pts
Antiseptic smelling at first then sandy and a touch terpene with a big pine note and incense church candle notes, a bit of VA 2
A hint of sweetness on entry followed by a balanced wine yet with bracing acidity 2
Fresh flavors of slightly candied cherry in the mouth are a touch cedary with notes of dusty old books and menthol adding interest 2+
While the tannins are drying on the finish I still like this with its finale of pinecone, refreshing and with persistent perfume 2+

79) -  Giordano Vini – Raggiante –  86pts
A bit closed but still revealing dark, earthy scents with a slight candied note and strong tones of green coffee and green cardamom 2
Weighty and packed in the mouth 2
Darkly fruited in the mouth with a touch of coffee/cocoa driven oak but good intensity to the liquory and layered frutti di bosco. A touch sour due to the acidity 2
A bit drying n the finish with lots of extract, a bit over-extracted even, a nice touch of orange peel and rosehip on the finale 2

80) – Piazzo Armando – 89pts
Very fresh and clean on the nose with strong floral tones and hints of citrus and citrus blossoms over a bit of chalky/dusty earth. A core of spicy wild raspberry gains depth. 3
Light and bright in the mouth with soft tannins and hard acids 2
Somewhat simple in the mouth yet with attractive citrusy orange/raspberry fruit and complicating notes of tea and dried rose. A nicely drinkable style 2+
Finished short and uncomplicated 2

Barbaresco Riserva 2003

81) – Rivetti Dante – Bricco  - 89pts
Fleshy and leathery on the nose with concentrated dark cherry fruit and complicating notes of aged meats, with a touch of dried chile/chorizo 3
A touch sweet on the entry then a bit matte with ripe tannins and good acids 2
Balanced and fresh in the mouth with dark, tarry fruit and spicy, caraway seed top notes, turns quite gamy 2+
Medium long finish offers good purity to the sour berry/cherry fruit but is uncomplicated 2

82) Rivetti Dante – Micca – Flawed
An atypical nose is very intense with its feral qualities that border on poopy, lots of old woody notes and dirty tones.  

83) – La Contea – Ripa Sorita – 87pts
A soft nose with flower petal, potpourri tones though low intensity. Some band-aid notes that don’t appear to be bretty, gains depth in the glass but not complexity 2
A touch rustic in the mouth but juicy and vivace 2
Slightly foxy wild strawberry fruit with a slight roasted edge is not complex but worth drinking 2+
Lovely finish is long with acid driven fruit flavors ending with slightly rustic tannin an a light cigar wrapper final 2+

84) – Mainerdo F.lli – 91pts
Intense and medicinal nose with slightly candied fruit and explosive floral character. Lovely nuances of bay and lemon verbena add freshness 3+
Reserved in the mouth and a touch soft but very polished if lacking a bit of verve 2
Very richly flavored but with the softish structure not very well supported, still full of jammy cherry fruit edged with leather, musk and dried flowers, very attractive flavors 3
A bit too extracted and drying n the finish which is of medium length and adds nice notes of menthol, tar and tea on the finale 2

85) – Rivetti Massimo – Serraboella – Flaw
Light and layered with fresh notes of powdered talc, tea, flowers, and capers, turning more floral 2
Nicely extracted in the mouth with good seamless balance but lacks some energy 2
A good herbal rush upfront followed by a wall of deadness, TCA on the finish

86) – Pelissero Pasquale Eredi – Cascina Crosa – 85pts
Nice herbal/menthol top notes over fudgy, roasted strawberry fruit, a bit hot 2
Easy in the mouth in a soft, commercial style 2
Low-key in the mouth with earthy fruit flavors 2
Finish is moderately short and flaccid, without focus or grip 1+

87) – Prinsi – Fausone – 84pts
Closed on the nose save for some fennel 1+
Refreshing and lively in the mouth with an appealing delicacy 2+
Closed in the mouth as well 1+
Drying finish with some spicy and menthol tones but this needs year to show itself 2

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