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AWE 2005 Roero
2005 Roero
1) – La Contea, Mai Vista – 86pts
Earthy and floral on the nose with a background note of old wood, varietal but a touch dirty 1+
Light bodies
Light bodied with good acidity and crunchy, slightly drying tannins 2+
Good flavor intensity with mineral tinged cherry notes, fresh and fruity 2+
Finishes short but clean 2

2)  - Cornarea – 93pts
Light and elegant on the nose with notes of rainwater, cherry, leather, very floral and perfumed with a touch of balsamic earth 3
Very light and fresh with an elegant, wiry feel 3
Lighter red fruits in the mouth, raspberry with a touch of spricot fruitiness 2+
Finishes with excellent length that features lovely mineral and floral tones 3

3) – Massucco F.lli – 84pts
Very fruity on the nose with dark licorice and soil tones, a touch buttery/lactic, bit of wood underneath 2+
A touch weighty in the mouth with low acid and lots of tannin 1+
Dark fruit with good complexity, notes of tea and raspberry jam, gains a bit of too aggressive woodiness 2
Finishes with lots of tough, drying, aggressive tannins 1+

4) – Cascina Chicco – Montespinato – 91pts
A dark jammy nose with very spicy fruits, a nice layered nose but shows some heat 2
Sweetly fruited entry wit good acidity and nicely ripe, brisk tannins 3
Excellent purity of flavor with cherry, black raspberry and ripe herb/nettles tones all in balance in the mouth 3
Finishes long with the tannins turning just slightly aggressive but long and with a lovely austere finale 2+

5) – Maurizio Ponchione – Monfrini  - 81pts
Woody on the nose with baking spices 1+
A touch hollow and very dry in the mouth 1+
Woody flavors with just a hint of jammy fruit 1+
Finishes short and toasty with a hint of vanilla and jam 1+

6) – Renato Buganza -  Bric Paradis – 89pts
A dark nose redolent of bakers cocoa, oily herbs, tar, spicy and intense 2+
A touch sweetly fruited on entry then bright acidity and soft tannins make for a crisp, balanced impression 3
Surprisingly bright strawberry fruit tones with notes of sandy soil and tobacco adding a bit of complexity 2+
Drying a bit on the finish as the tannins turn a bit rustic and green 2

7) – Renato Buganza – Gerbole – 91pts
A nose of pure raspberry Linzer torte with toasted nut and baked crust notes. A touch of lemon blossom and a really penetrating top note of licorice with complicating hints of smoldering grapevine. Great complexity if not in my range 3+
Elegant with good acdity and gentle tannins giving a fairly seamless if currently linear mouthfeel 3
Darker berried fruit in the mouth with hints of expresso, spice, and maduro tobacco 2+
The long finish is a bit montone 2

8) – Almondo – Bric Valdiana – 91pts
A lovely nose with cherry in alcohol, soil tones, rose, leather, a subtle jamminess, full and deep with lovely top notes of spicy herbs. 3+
With a traditional feel this comes off a touch rustic and is not yet perfectly integrated 2
Full and fresh in the mouth with layered herbs/arugula and anise notes, excellent energy and frshness if with just a hint of bitterness 2+
A lovely finish with notes of rose and dried orange peel, austere but not aggressive 3

9) – Angelo Negro 7 Figli – Prachiosso – 85pts
A dark and rustic nose with mineral tones and a dash of toasty oak spice, a little murky and feral but with nice floral top note 2
Refined feeling if a touch too dense and weighty 2
Deep liquory fruit with oaken spiciness gaining on the back end, a touch of porcini 2
Finishes with a lot of punchy power but drying tannins turn aggressive 1+

10) - Cascina Val del Prete – 85pts
Very interesting nose is perfumed with balsamic notes of candle wax, leather, shoe polish, coal, brooding and just a touch liquory with a background note of raw wood 2
Fresh in the mouth though the tannins are a touch rustic, very linear with fairly good integration though the tannins are va bit drying 2
A bit on the ungenerous side with fresh fruit notes of un-ripe strawberry and kiwi with a hint of orange peel before turning darker and a touch spicier 2
A bit too rustic and drying but ok 1+

11) – Cantina del Nebbiolo – 87pts
Spicy, jammy fruit on the nose with a touch of apricot pit and soapy floral tones 2
Well balanced with a lithe, fresh feel 2+
Lovely balck cherry fruit that has  slightly bitter espresso toned edge to it. Minty and floral top notes 2
A bit short but with nice purity to the strawberry fruited finish 2

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